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Thursday, April 12

The Meltdown {v.15}

Progress! Points! & Breaking Plan!

Chest: 34"
Arms: 10"
Waist: 25"
Hips/Butt: 36.5"
Thighs: 21"
Weight Lost Since Last Weigh-in: 2 pounds
Total Weight Lost: 24 pounds
Inches Lost This Week: 0
Total Inches Lost: 35.5 inches

Points Earned:

This Week: 30
Points Balance: 372

I started this past week thinking that I would press through.  Then, Passover dinner came along, and I wanted to enjoy mashed potatoes and stuffing with b√©arnaise sauce with my family.  So I gave myself a cheat night.  Ate mostly back on plan on Saturday and then Sunday went to Easter brunch, where I gave myself more cheating…I actually had a piece of buttered bread.  It was the best bread I've ever tasted.  LOL.

Then we hosted a friend over for dinner that I hadn't seen in over a year, she just happened to bring in my nemesis…cold stone creamery ice cream cake.  I was like, ok, a little more cheating.  I didn't really feel guilty, as I had come to the conclusion that my body was in conservation mode.  I have been back "on-plan" with my eating since Monday morning.  I'm a bit suspicious that my 2 lb. loss is more water weight than anything else, but still, it puts me into the 130's for the first time in almost 3 years.  Yep, 139.  

As for exercise, I haven't seen Jillian in 5 days.  I am hoping to break my little exercise fast today, but again worried that exercise at this point could put me right back in conservation mode.  I just have 8 days of the shred left to complete to say I did it.  So now I am at the "to finish or not to finish" question.

This Week:

I'm proud of these choices:

I am actually proud of myself for allowing the cheating.  I know it helped me get back on track.

I'd like to work more on:

Keeping my food journal again.
Drinking half my body weight in ounces of water.
Eating all 6-7 of my daily mini meals. 

I totally cheated when:

I ate: mashed potatoes, stuffing, bearnaise sauce, brownies, bread with butter, fruit tart, strawberries, and ice cream cake.  And it was all delicious.

How did you do this week?

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  1. Kristina TorrejonApril 12, 2012

    sounds like the cheating was just what you needed!! :) yay!! 

  2. Keep it up! I always find that cheating for me is not a problem, it's the staying on track that is! ;) Stopping by from Voiceboks.

    Mommy J

  3. Thank you so much for stopping in!


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