Monday, April 16

"Pinning!" DIY Spa Day

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When was the last time you had the opportunity to spend a day at the spa?  I'm not just talking your run of the mill mani/pedi…I mean, a good massage, maybe a facial and enough relaxation to ease that stubborn {insert the body part you carry your stress in here} tension that never leaves you?  
I was thinking about what I'd love for Mother's day and it would be a good 4-8 hours at a day spa.  Unfortunately we're nowhere close to being able to pull that off this year, with Zion's birthday party happening that weekend and the in-laws coming out to visit, but perhaps I can do a day of DIY pampering!  
"Calm The Heck Down" Relaxing Face Mask via Paisley Boulevard

I'm more relaxed just looking at these pictures!  Have you ever made your own spa product? (And I already know your answer Miss Colleen! ;))

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  1. Nice finds-oh wow, I love the body butter, hair mask, oh, heck I love them all, what I wouldn't do for a little spa time!

  2. Hahah! Yes, you know it!! What a fun theme! It is sooo much fun creating your own spa treats! It's like baking without the calories! ;) Loved seeing this! 

  3. What a great idea and such an inspiring to find the energy to do it!

  4. Erin O'RiordanApril 16, 2012

    I'm so exciting to have pinned the Pinningest pin last week! Yay!

  5. Now to set aside the time to make these, and buy all the supplies! :)

  6. I seriously love every spa product you post! I need to actually try them…your recipes are so simple which is perfect for me. I just noticed you posted another….yeeeeee! Gotta go check it out!

  7. I loved that image! It is so enchanting!

  8. Wow! the Pictures look real and attractive! so exciting.


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