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Sunday, April 8

A Quick Update / Ramble

Just a simple note because I've been far too busy the past several days to prepare anything with beautiful sparkly edited photos or carefully scripted words…

 This weekend was fantastic, and wonderful and in so many ways the "turning of a page" in our lives. I want to expand on all of the details and really hope to, but for now I'm just tossing thoughts onto this page so as not to lose them.

 Friday a great friend and I went on a crazy Ikea run. Several hours later I was home beaming with joy as my husband put together our dining room table set. This table deserves a story in itself, so I will share that Thursday! Also purchased: a new bed frame and linens for us, as well as a toddler bed for Zion.

 We bought Zion a toddler bed because she started flinging herself out of her crib and had hurt herself once doing it. I wrestled with the idea of whether she was ready for it, but in the end we just decided to go for it. We didn't set it up until today, and although she skipped her nap, after only 12-15 curtain calls she was fast asleep in her bed. It will be interesting to see if she makes it all night without getting up.

 Saturday, my lovely friend Kristina and I went to get pedicures and have lunch…had such a great and encouraging time with her (as always). :)  We do church on Saturdays for now, because our church rents space from a church that doesn't have free time for us on Sundays currently.

 Sunday we had breakfast at home as a family after a mini egg hunt. Zion really got into the hunt this year, and was all about the treasures inside the eggs. We were blessed to attend a fabulous brunch with some of our church family and then finished our evening by hosting a good friend for dinner that I haven't seen in forever!

 It has been a packed, happy, joyous weekend. I'm exhausted as I write this and looking ahead at a crazy busy schedule over the next week. No slowing down any time soon.

 Hope you had a lovely weekend. :) Courtney


  1. jasmine_elrabApril 09, 2012

    This sounds like such a lovely weekend! I love IKEA furniture, can't wait to read the post about it! Glad you enjoyed Easter :) x

  2. It really was. Looking forward to sharing more!


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