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Tuesday, April 24

A Sneak Peek & Introduction...

This month I asked my lovelies to share their favorite body part/feature.  I am really excited to share their responses with you this Thursday as a part of my Meltdown series, and thought I'd give you a sneak peek…by introducing one of my newest lovelies: Jill.


Hey guys! I'm Jill and I blog over at I Know the Plans I Have for You! Some of the things that you will find there are furniture redos, crafty creations, home decor on a budget, tutorials and some of the {crazy} that is my everyday life! I'm thrilled to be here today, and I love that Courtney is creative in the way that she does introductions.

Although I thought this would be an easy one, (capturing my favorite body part/feature) I found my self struggling to highlight a body part! I'm not one to be the subject on the other end of the lens, but with that said,  my favorite feature has always been my eyes. I love to do my eyes up when I go out! Eyes are the one thing that doesn't feel fat when they get dressed up (except for mornings lately, lol), and you can make such an impact with just a little mascara or a great smokey eye!

Congratulations Courtney on your weight loss success! Your doing great! Thanks for having me, and I would love for you guys to come by and browse through I Know the Plans I Have for You! I have some exciting things coming up that I would love for you to be a part of!

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  1. jill wilhelmApril 25, 2012

    Thanks for everything Courtney! Your a doll!

  2. Ready13019April 25, 2012

    Jill, your eyes do look beautiful. Almond shaped eyes are very pretty too!

  3. WOW! Jill's eyes are A-mazing! I am SO excited for this inspiring post! We need to feel good about ourselves as woman, 

    & help lift eachother up! 

  4. So glad to have you here lovely lady!


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