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Wednesday, April 25

Somme Institute
{Boost Mask & Eye Cream}

Where'd my wrinkles go?
 Oh heya!  But luckily, I don't make this face often.  LOL!

Hey lovelies! 

Remember a few weeks ago, 
You just have to compare the pictures from that post to this one!  
Look at my skin after continued daily use!  
Can you find those forehead wrinkles anywhere?
Of course, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, 
I received their Boost mask and their Eye cream to try out.  

 This stuff is delicious…it goes on silky smooth and instantly begins to warm up.  
Want to know the best part? 
It smells like pumpkin pie.  
No, seriously, like...I want to eat it off my face when I use it, thats how delicious it smells.
 After a few minutes, 
I feel as though I'm lounging at a day spa,
feeling tension and stress leave my face.  
Voila…dewey fresh skin, 
ready to "Boost" the rest of my MDT5 skincare regimen.

Overall, I'm highly impressed by the Boost mask (it even made it on my top ten favorite beauty products list)! I love the feel of it on my skin and how it amplifies the effects of the MDT5 regimen!

 How old do I look in this picture?

 My use of the Somme Institute's Eye cream has resulted in several compliments I have received over the last couple of weeks.  

I don't buy alcohol often (because I don't drink), 
so when I was picking up some wine for a brunch, 
and was asked for my ID, I was SHOCKED. 
Hello, biggest compliment ever!

 Here is a before shot.  
You can see fine lines and darkness around the inner part of my eye.
The most noticeable difference you are about to see is 
the darkened skin in the inner eye area is almost completely gone.
 This is after a few weeks of using "Eye."
With make-up on.
The Eye cream goes on super silky and a little teeny bit goes a long way.  

The bottom-line…you have got to try these!  

I received free product to review for this post, however; all of the opinions expressed are authentically my own.  


  1. Okay, but how old ARE  you?  25?  27?    You have to spill the beans!

     I person to countenance I am a bit sceptical some how virtuous these creams utilise. I'll move for author assemblage from you.


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