Thursday, June 14

Blogger: love/hate relationship!

Have patience with all things, 
but first of all with yourself. 
St. Francis de Sales
(Thanks to Marissa for this quote!)

I had a post to share with you all today,
I just finished it,
save for inserting pictures.

And then

Blogger destroyed it

It disappeared right before my eyes.
Two hours of baring my soul,
disposed of carelessly in an instant.

Funny thing is that the post was about anger.
Between just anger and misguided anger.
And here I am angry,
and justified.

So now you'll just be getting a

fashion post

And I'll be going to regroup.
And praying I can eloquently re-write the post.
And share what I really wanted to.

mint leggings brick wall fashion tights t-shirt necklace
victoria's secret sandals beaded mint leggings tights
peach beaded sandals essie nail polish victoria secret
H&M Yellow Polo Shirt Mens T-shirt necklace braided
So glad I had this picture handy to make me laugh at this whole debacle.
My husband is hilarious, no?


  1. I have issued with blogger too sometimes, so frustrated! love the outfit and the last photo!!

  2. Love the fashion post. Those shoes are fierce.

    I know a lot of people who put their posts on their computers before copy/pasting it to Blogger or whatever. Such a pain, but for some, it's worth it.

  3. Chelsea FrancisJune 14, 2012

    That last picture- oh my goodness! I laughed out loud. CUTE outfit!

  4. My favorite is definitely the final pic! Do you use blogger to write your posts or Live Writer? If you're not using LW yet, may I take this opportunity to act as their spokesperson and let you know that posts are SO much faster and easier to write using this free program. You can also store them to post at a later date. 

  5. annadeloresJune 14, 2012

    Love the ensemble, you look so fantastic!  And that pic of your hubby is hilarious.  ;)  

  6. Love the outfit!  Are those skinnies or sweat pants?  Sooo cute and flattering.

  7. OH girl... when your are this darn beautiful & your shoes are this fabulous... all is GOOD! LOVE the new header... adorable!! xoxo

  8. Your outfit is adorable.  I love the color combo and your sandals are fabulous!  Your husband's photo made me laugh out loud!



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