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Thursday, June 7

Meet Chelsea of In These Shoes

Hello!  My name is Chelsea and I am guest posting for Courtney today because the poor dear has Carpal Tunnel in her hand!  Take a minute to pray for her if you think of it.  I blog over at In These Shoes.   I am a 20-something should-be-done-with-college-but-I’m-not-quite English Secondary Education major.  I write about what God’s teaching me as I spend time with him and in his word.  I spill the mushy-gushy details about my blossoming romance with my husband of almost one year.  I’ll also share the occasional art project, movie/music/book review, and outfit (because I love all of those things too much!).

Last year a mentor/friend of mine introduced me to the idea of self-awareness as a means to knowing God better.  She helped me to do this via the Enneagram personality test, and since then I’ve become evangelistic about it.  For those familiar with the test, I am a Helper (2).  This means that at my worst my natural bent is to focus on other people’s problems as a means to ignore my own.  At my best, it means I am a selfless servant naturally pouring out tenderness and encouragement to others.  Since self-awareness isn’t my natural bent, I have to choose to work harder at this.  

I think that getting to know God as we get to know ourselves works out in a couple of ways:  

1. We are made in his image:  it’s in the bible, check it out.  This means that there are characteristics of the Creator in his Creation.  Nothing is more exciting than seeing a trait in myself that I recognize as something I love about my Heavenly Father.  It’s kind of like being a Daddy’s girl and thinking about the great things you inherited from him.  

2.  We recognize our need for him in our shortcomings.  As we better understand the areas and patterns of our struggles, we begin to understand our need for God.  Where I am weak, he is strong.   I am made in God’s image, but I also have a sinful nature.  As I get to know myself (for better and for worse) I see my need, and God’s desire, to restore me to my original condition.  This drives me to greater closeness with the God that I love. 

On that note, you guys have heard of Audrey Hepburn, right?  *wink*  I’ve always loved her quote: 

via Wanelo
So, in the interest of myself, and you getting to know me better, I wrote my own “I believe” statement.

I believe in dancing.  Like fools.
I believe that love can last forever if you work hard at it.
I believe that there is grace bigger than all of our mistakes.
I believe in chai and frosted mini wheats.
I believe in playing soccer in the rain.
I believe in holding hands.
I believe that giving is happier than receiving.
I believe in pink gerber daisies.
I believe that each person has something unique to teach us about life and God.

What would your “I believe” statement say?  How are you getting to know yourself, and God, better?

Courtney here:
I "met" Chelsea via the MayDay FollowFest, and I've been so impressed by her understanding and ability to express the meaning she finds daily in God's word.  She has a beautiful way of sharing her insights.  I especial love her own paraphrases of scripture, which she calls the "Chelsea Standard Version." Thanks so much for blessing me by helping me out today lady!! XO

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