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Thursday, June 28


Hello Lovelies - I wanted to take a minute to share with you my home away from this home:

In the world of baby blogging you see many sites driven by "voting".  At Awesome Baby Blogs we decided we were tired of all the competition in the world of blogging and decided to make a directory and community which is simple and voting free.
And guess what else?! We're REAL bloggers too! This isn't some company trying to make a buck off your blogs, we're real bloggers who really care about the parenting blog community! 
If you are a parent + a blogger than this directory is for YOU!  
What are you waiting for - ADD YOUR BLOG!
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Meet the ABB Team:
Founding Editor - Kirby Desmarais 

Kirby is the author of Baby G! and KirbyAmour. A feisty little girl covered in many tattoos. Ex-groupie turned pro tea drinker. Music Industry Maven who started the company Everything Independent. She has a firery passion for everything baby blog related so she created Awesome Baby Blogs to feed the addiction

Editor-in-Chief - Courtney Baxtron
Courtney is a mysterious combination of dreamer and type-A personality.  She is the author of Baxtron{Life}, a lifestyle blog about her life as a wifey and mommy.  Originally from Seattle, she is currently adventuring in New York City, where she enjoys pretending to live in the suburbs, attempting to balance her passions with her responsibilities, all while hoping to keep her "crunchy-granola" roots intact.  

Contributing Editor - David Vienna
David is a screenwriter and failed rock ‘n’ roll front-man. He chronicles his experiences raising twin sons Wyatt and Boone at The Daddy Complex, a blog popular with both parents and porn seekers, though the latter group usually leaves disappointed. He started his professional career as a journalist, then spent a few years writing for reality television. That one really awesome episode of “House Hunters” — yeah, that was his. Currently, he serves as Editor-In-Chief for He loves E.L.O., ’70s horror films, Philly cheese steaks and napping.

Did you know…

Awesome Baby Blogs has a blog that is dedicated to featuring your best posts - we devote endless hours to reading our members content and love to feature brilliant posts - as well as share them on social media!  Have a post you think is great - tweet or email me the link!

We have a monthly newsletter - that offers insider information about special events and promotions, and also features new members and featured bloggers.  When you add your blog you join our family!

And we just launched a new feature - Blogger-in-your-Inbox - which is a great way to discover new blogs as well as have your blog discovered!  Check it out and make sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win one in July!! 

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