Saturday, June 30

Precious Baby Girl

by Patricia Capansky


    After many hours of waiting,
for this Husband and his Wife,
a baby girl named Zion,
was born into their life.

This precious baby girl,
a blessing from above,
for Courtney, and Jerry Earl
to have and hold and love.

And as they hold their Precious Girl
we surely can’t deny,
their love for her grows stronger
with each day that goes by.

But that’s what God intended,
he knew their hearts would shine,
so he sent this Little Angel
her love is so divine.

As weeks and months just fly,
sweet childhood won’t last,
each new day they smile and say,
“You’re growing up too fast.”

But the love keeps growing with her,
since she came into this world
to a couple that is truly blessed
with a Precious Baby Girl.

by Patricia Capansky


Isn't this poem beautiful!?

Martin Dejnicki, 
inspired to write poetry to his wife for their 10th anniversary, 
discovered his desire to bring joy to the lives of others through words,
and he is doing just that with his site, Anita Poems.

I was honored that he reached out to me 
to write a custom poem about our family.  

One of Anita Poems contributors, 
Patricia, wrote this beautiful poem for us.

 Thank you Martin & Patricia!


  1. Its so beautiful!

  2. Such a beautiful poem :) What an honor.

  3. Courtney, thank you so much for your kind words.  I'd like to wish you, Jerry, and Zion, a wonderful summer.

    I'd also like to thank Patricia for writing this beautiful poem, and for contributing so many beautiful poems to


  4. Simple BEAUTIFUL & hear felt!! Loved this! 

    LOVE your pretty header too Court! XO

  5. Janna BogertJuly 01, 2012

    That is a gorgeous poem...made me tear up, and I don't even have children <3 I clicked and voted for you too!

  6. This poem is absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing it!

  7. Thanks for reading it lovely!! XO Courtney


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