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Tuesday, June 5


I've decided to make a concerted effort to get more reading time in.  
Instead of my usual technology cut-off time at 10pm, 
I'm attempting to push it back to 9pm, 
giving me a full hour of reading before I get in bed.  
(I try to be in bed by 10pm most nights…
you don't want to mess with the sleep-deprived version of me!)  

Here are the next 10 books in my reading list:
Borrowed this from a friend late last year and started it but haven't finished it.  
I loved the movie, I'm a HUGE Rachel McAdams fan.
Also started, but not finished.
This book has actually helped me in ALL of my relationships.
Not even finished and highly recommend it!
Recently bought the Kindle edition of this book.
I'm extremely nervous to delve into this one, so not sure when I'll start it.
I will be doing a few workbooks alongside it.
Jerry and I are almost finished with this.
We also have the companion workbooks.
When we don't have time to do a full "Love Talk" exercise, 
we turn to this wonderful devotional.
We are always amazed by the profound wisdom expressed in these short 2 page devotions.
We've read through the Five Love Languages for Singles & Couples.
Looking forward to reading this and starting to identify Zion's love languages.
I watched the movie Fireproof and wanted to read "The Love Dare"
but believe that I should probably read this one first.
I haven't read this yet, its sitting on my stack,
mostly because I know I'll get sucked in and have to read the entire series.
This is an amazing devotional for moms.
It is funny, light-hearted yet poignant.  
I started it, but couldn't keep my focus so it is shelved for now.
I've only had the pleasure of reading one other Beth Moore book,
however; I know this lady goes deep in her writing.
I'm really looking forward to getting into this one!

What books are you reading?
Anything you simply cannot put down!?



  1. Great list! I've been wanting to read "The Respect Dare" and I'd love to get my hands on a marriage devotional. The Parrott's are great authors too. I think you'd be a great book club pal! Enjoy your reads, Courtney. Found you from the blog hop.

  2. Chelsea FrancisJune 05, 2012

    The Time Traveler's Wife is so good... but not at all what I expected. And you're totally right about the Hunger Games. Once you start, it's hard to put it down. But it's such an easy read that it's not too much of a problem :) And that Beth Moore book looks  really good. You'll have to let us know what you thought!

  3. Elise DearJune 05, 2012

    I've heard Sacred Marriage is good, so I am sure the devotional is good! Have you read Sacred Marriage?

  4. I am the same way about the sleep deprived version of me. You inspired me to push back my technology time to 9. I love the layout of your blog! I am your newest follower! I found you via the link up today. Check out my Tuesday Ten.

  5. You HAVE to read Hunger Games!  But get ready to read straight through all 3 books.  You probably won't even sleep! ;)  The hubs and I both read them and we read the last one out loud together.  It's great because there's enough action and, well, killing, to make it manfriendly.

  6. Hey Courtney! Thanks for linking up! 
    Hunger games is good. =) Of course.  haha

    I just finished reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter last night.. def worth a read. 
    But my all time favorites EVER...the ones that I recommend first before any other books, are the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. You will fall in love. I promise. 
    Outlander. Dragonfly in Amber. Voyager. Drums of Autumn. The Firey Cross. A Breath of Snow and Ashes. An Echo in the Bone. 

    You are welcome. ;) 


  7. Hi I just found you via Bloglovin! Great reading list, The Time Traveler's Wife is one of my modern faves and oh how I adore the Hunger Games!! I thought you might also like to know that my site is hosting a book related blog hop today, please feel free to link up here:

    Have a great night and happy reading!

  8. Love your list!  I am huge reader as well, and finding the time isn't easy. I understand that statement of the not well rested life style...   I would love for you to stop by my book blog - as I have a post for the hunger games and original 5 love languages (haven't gotten to the children's one yet...)  So glad I found you in the book worm hop

    Marissa @

  9. Hi Marissa! Thank you so much for coming by via the hop. :) I'm heading over now to check out your blog. XO Courtney


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