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Monday, July 9

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In case you've been wondering what ever happened to that beautiful albeit ginormous book that we all used to receive once a year, I've found it! (or Yellow Pages) has gone Mobile - in an awesome way.  

I had the opportunity recently to test out some of the features for YP app, and I'm ready to share what I like and other thoughts I have about the app.  

Let's start with likes:  

1.  The app is extremely user-friendly.  It seemed that no matter what option I used, whether searching for a restaurant or uploading a photo, there was only flawless execution.  Everything is designed in a way that is simple to figure out, which is key when it comes to selling me on a new app.  

2.  Ratings and reviews are simple and effective.  There are two different methods of feedback you can give a business via the YP app: a rating - which is basically a quick thumbs up/thumbs down or a review which includes your own written text (made even easier with voice-to-text features on my iPhone).  

3.  Advanced search features: search by menu item and find lowest-gas price.  I love the feature to search by menu item.  I was looking for a good cheeseburger in my area - and voila I plugged that baby in and got a list of several restaurants nearby serving cheeseburgers - I could quickly check their ratings to see which was the best option.  

On that note, though I wasn't doing any driving recently that required it, I had to try out the "find lowest gas price" feature.  First, finding an actual gas station is not exactly easy in New York - the city where mass transit trumps most everyday driving, so its nice to know I can easily pull up a list of nearby stations.  Add the fact that it will show me the current rates at these locations so I can find the most affordable gas while I'm at it, and I'm sold.  Did I mention you can change the grade of the gasoline for the search as well?  Bonus!

Other thoughts:

While I really enjoyed doing the reviews and ratings of several restaurants I've been to, I would like to see the reviews, ratings and photos connect together on my review profile.  I realized after rating a few restaurants that reviews were an entirely different component.  And then also when adding a photo - I'm  not sure it was credited to me as the one who took the picture - I don't see my photos necessarily showing up alongside my reviews.

I do like that all of my reviews and ratings are stored in "My Stuff" so that I can easily go back and check to see what I thought of a place - or what I loved about it.  

Check out my review of Slightly Oliver, Antika Pizzeria or Del Frisco's on YP.Com!
Best Fish & Chips in NYC - Slightly Oliver
You can also access YP on the web - and the cool thing is that your review and ratings sync with the YP app (and vice versa).  Check out the YP App and let me know what you think!  

Thank you to YP for being a sponsor. Check out the latest YP app or to find food nearby fast! YP is your local companion for making decisions on everything from where to eat to where to find cheap gas. This post is in conjunction with my relationship with the Clever Girls Collective, and all opinions expressed here are my own. #YPcrave

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  1. Laura {Our Reflection}July 10, 2012

    This is a great one! Especially for the cheapest gas prices. Thanks for sharing!


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