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Sunday, July 15

Just Words

It's been an awfully long week.  It seems like the past week was such a grueling test in the life of this mama.  My week was filled with stubborn and willful boundary testing by my two year old; hormonal highs and lows; long, deep and sometimes challenging conversations with the mister; emotional and spiritual exhaustion from lack of time spent with my Father; sleep deprivation; etc. etc. etc.


In the midst of all the challenge, there has been wonder - and awe - and moments of refreshment.  Truly, the Lord has not left me with more than I can bear.  I've been blessed with many beautiful friendships.  A home in a crazy - ridiculous city that is feeling more home like every day.  There have been a few breakthroughs in my healing this week.

I'm tired as I write, this - not feeling 100% well, but I'm looking out at the horizon of my life - and I see beautiful things coming my way.  I feel hopeful.  I feel that despite my physical and emotional exhaustion, very much alive.  Very much fulfilled.  Indeed very grateful.

And now,

I'm going to go make a big batch of popcorn - hippy popcorn as we call it (recipe needs to be shared) - and sit down for a little quiet time with my love, before we start this week's grind.


  1. Thumbs up on the popcorn. I might just go make some myself. 

  2. Bless you sweet friend! I will say a prayer, sweetie. This past week as been great on this end, except for the last coupld of days. You explained a lot above perfectly! Definitely emotional highs and lows. It's life and I hate that saying. But, God is on our side. I hope your week is just as fabulous as you are. ♥ ...and please do share that Hippy Popcorn Recipe soon!!!! 


  3. Way to be strong, Courtney! I seriously admire you. Thanks for sharing these thoughts! :)


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