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Monday, July 30

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"Pinning!" is a Weekly Pinterest Link-Up
(Share pins, meet others who love "Pinning", get inspired!)

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Each week a winner will be chosen to flaunt the title of "Pinning-est" for successfully wowing us with the best Pinterest find.  The winner will be featured/announced in the following week's post!

Welcome to the newly redesigned Baxtron{Life}!  <3 What do you think?  :)
I thought with the redesign that today would be a good time to share some awesome blog freebies found via Pinterest and the Web.  Is it time to Pimp out your Blog?  These awesome goodies are made by bloggers and designers who have graciously offered up their talents to help us spruce up our spaces. Visit the links to pin to your boards!  Check out more freebies via my Blog Stuff Board on Pinterest.

Think Design Blog

Pugley Pixel

Pink Moustache


THANK YOU to all who linked up last week!

I chose this week's "Pinning-est":
Elizabeth from "Love is the Adventure"

She pinned a lovely collection of images and inspiration related to being kind to yourself.
I felt so refreshed after looking at her post!  And this picture here reminds me of what Zion may look like when she is older! ~ Courtney


Elizabeth! Feel free to grab the button, and flaunt it!

Are you "Pinning"?  
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  1. Thanks for this, girl! I'm always looking for some awesome blog freebies! <3

  2. Mer HiltonJuly 30, 2012

    Thanks for sharing the photo copyright article. It's interesting to hear someone's personal experience. Although I wouldn't ever just grab a random photo for my blog off the internet and assume it's permissible, I do use alot of pinterest pins on my blog and assumed it was ok as long as I referred to the source and used it as part of commentary. Apparently that's not right according to the article, but my question is the same as hers - how does Pinterest exist when 90% of its content would break the rules? Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to deal?

  3. Exactly Mer!

    What Kim and I have talked about is being extremely cautious (read: gain permission first) when it comes to Photography, Art and Celebrity images. These seem to have the greatest potential for legal consequences. Most bloggers on the other hand want you to pin their images/posts because it really does a great job of promoting them / their blog - when sourced accurately. And that is the key again - ensuring the pin is also sourced correctly is a big deal. I'm starting to think that re-pinning can be a bad idea in general. The best way to avoid problems - get permission, always.

  4. wow.. I totally fumbled my pinterest link up... please delete... number 8 :)  thanks so much!

  5. The new design is pretty!! Thanks for sharing the freebies, I'll go check them out now :D


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