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Thursday, July 19

Twips for my Tweeties


Meet & Tweet Twitter Hop

Lovelies - It is time that I convince you of why

you MUST simply get a twitter account.

Why Twitter?  Well, I must first say that Facebook is going to become obsolete.  Yes, I just said that (gasp!)  I know this because almost every conversation I have with people about Facebook now inevitably includes a groan or two or three.

However; TWITTER, is going to stay.  And you should get in on Twitter now for several reasons:

#1  Twitter offers bite size information:  Think about how most people tend to read newspapers - headlines that catch their eye or maybe a single image - if those two things don't get me, I'm probably not going to read the article.  Twitter is like a plethora of headline/tagline browsing without the clutter or investment.  I strongly suggest attaching images to your tweets!

#2  Twitter offers measurable results: Using certain platforms you can now track clicks on your tweets, schedule your tweets for greater visibility and interact/engage with your audience more easily than ever.  Even if you have no time to get on twitter and interact - you can still get your blog posts, instagrams and check-ins to post directly/automatically to twitter which is great for your brand and exposure.

#3 Klout - okay, so Klout does still take into account Facebook, but honestly - no matter what you are thinking about it at this point, it is the first and most successful tool to measure true online influence.  I have read articles of people with high Klout scores getting free travel perks, upgrades, vip event access, etc. just for being an influencer.  But not only that, Brands and PR Firms are going to look to your Klout score more and more to evaluate your true influence.  A big part of your Klout score comes from your Twitter activity.  Why?  Because Twitter=Boss.

Have I convinced you yet?  Go sign-up for your twitter account now, and then let's chat about it - send me a message @baxtronlife and I can walk you through it.  Make sure you link-up your shiny new account below for an instant boost in followers! <3

I heart Thursdays! I love the opportunity to meet so many new friends.
Last week we had a record breaking turnout with over 200 link up's! AMAZING!

This week I'm raising the bar just a little more....
If we can get to 300 link up's, one lucky person is going to win 
250 custom business cards for their blog. How cool is that?!

Now let's get this PAR-TAY started! 

Ready to make new Twitter friends?
Sweetness, just follow the rules.

Link up your Twitter account, not your blog.
Follow your host and co-hosts. {The first 8 in the linky.}

Thanks so much to my amazing co-hosts:
Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup
Courtney from Baxtron Life
Emily from Anna Delores Photo
Lauren from Talk of the Trains
Jelli from Jellibean Journals
Lauren from Hippie Dog Company
Hilary from Measure One Cut Twice

Loving this hop? Shout it out to all your friends!
The more the merrier.


Co-Host spots for August are now available. Interested?
Email me for details at

Thanks so much for linking up today!
Hope you've had fun and made some amazing new friends.

Save the Date! Next Hop: 7/26
Grab a button and add it to your blog!
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  1. i LOOOOVE twitter for connecting w/ my readers!!

  2. NaturalnestersJuly 19, 2012

    Love that cute pic at the top of you laying down lol so fun! 

    and 2nd I have never heard of Klout! Man you seriously can learn so much through networking with other bloggers! I'm looking into it now! Thanks

  3. Awesome! Definitely sign up for Klout! <3 :)

  4. Following from the Meet & Tweet! :) I love your blog! I don't know how I didn't find it before now...can't wait to read more! Thanks for Co-hosting! <3


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