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Tuesday, August 7

Highs & Lows


#BlogHer12 Recap Pt.I

As promised I'm here to give you a run down of my experiences at BlogHer'12!  Over the past couple of days I've had the chance to read a few posts from others who attended and can see that each person really had their own unique and authentic experience with the conference.  I've read both good and bad (as well as some ugly.)  I'm going to share how I felt - what I took away and whether it was all worth it to me.
I think the easiest way to explain it is to go day by day, with so much to cover, I'm going to plan a couple of posts, so come back later in the week for the 2nd (and maybe 3rd?)!

Thursday / BlogHer'12 Kick-off
Highs >> 
I was invited to attend Avenue Q Musical (with a guest - I chose the hubby) via MamaDramaNY.  The musical was hilarious - highly inappropriate at times - but incredibly funny nevertheless.  The cast was amazing - our favorite hands down was: Darren Bluestone! It was nice to see a show, because, regrettably, it is not something we often get the chance to do - even though we live a short way from Broadway!  I think the best part of the experience - apart from the show itself - was discovering MamaDramaNY - a consulting group that connects theatre & moms (mom bloggers!?) I'm excited to partner with them again!
Prior to meeting up with the hubs to attend the show - I snagged up my conference badge at the Hilton and then headed off to the first "private party" I had been invited to: "California Dreams" presented by Single Edition Media & sponsored by FootPetals.  The party was at the Terrace Club - a rooftop deck near Rockefeller.  Cotton candy and cocktails were served, and party-goers were invited to spin a wheel for FootPetals surprises.  I nabbed up a couple packs to try out and look forward to seeing how they work.  They CLAIM to solve the "finger toe" problem - you know - when you slide in your stilettos and your toes are like fingers gripping the outer edge of your shoe to keep your foot from falling out?  Anyway - I left the party with a bit of swag - provided by AVON and a few other brands.

**Side note - all my single ladies, all my single ladies - make sure you check out Single Edition Media - they are into connecting brands with bloggers who are single and share from that perspective.
At the end of the night - hubs and I headed to Times Square in search of ice cream.  We settled on Coldstone.  Both of us picked outside our usual flavors - him indulging in a chocolate chip mint brownie and I, quite brilliantly, choosing coffee lovers (at near midnight!)  If you've ever wondered if the chocolate dipped waffle cone bowl is worth it - I'd have to say absolutely not - I'm not even sure what that stuff is that they call chocolate - its more like flavored wax and its nasty.

Lows >>
If I can gripe about anything it has nothing to do with BlogHer at all.  First thing - I arrived at the theatre for the show - and I was starving.  So I decided to "eat on the cheap" by grabbing a chicken skewer and water bottle off a nearby cart.  Let me just say that typically we're talking $3 for those most places in the city.  But at this cart - $8!!!! I about died.  I wanted to curse out or hit the guy for robbing a fellow Manhattanite!  After I stopped stewing about it - I was able to laugh and move on.
Then - the last low point was the parents who decided it would be okay to take their young son to see Avenue Q.  Friends, can I be honest with you?  I try very hard not to be judgmental of other parents and their decisions...but this!  It actually took away some of my experience in the show because as certain explicit jokes and language and adult situations took place - I couldn't help but think (and gasp in horror) at what that young boy was being exposed to.  To put it in perspective - how about sitting down to watch a family porno with your 8 year old?  That is just about how bad it was - doesn't matter if they were puppets - no child should have been permitted.  So you see how hard it is not to judge in this situation!?

I ended the night exhausted, and excited for the day ahead!

To be continued...

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  1. Even if the parents had no idea about the explicit content of the play (maybe they thought that puppets = kid-friendly?) why on Earth would they STAY in the theater and not leave? Yikes...I am looking forward to reading about all the other fun and exciting things you did at the conference!

  2. Exactly!!! I totally don't fault them for getting in there - easily could of been an honest mistake - but staying! STAYING!? Sheesh! (I should mention there are signs and disclaimers about the show being adult - like - everywhere.)

  3. HarlemLoveBirdsAugust 07, 2012

    Oh my! An 8 year old at Avenue Q?! Reminds me of when I saw "Magic Mike" a couple weeks ago and a family had their maybe 5 or 6 year old son with them after about 15 minutes they finally left. I don't understand some people's parenting choices sometimes!

  4. Seriously! At least those parents realized their error and left!!!

  5. jinglebellstimeAugust 07, 2012

    Seems like you and everyone had a great time! I can't wait to go to Blogher in a few years :) And I cannot stand when parents bring children to late night movies or inappropriate movies, that would of made me so mad seeing that kid there, your right the theatre should have an age limit.

  6. Carly BrydonAugust 08, 2012

    I've been waiting to hear all about it! Can't wait for more :-)


  7. Janna BogertAugust 08, 2012

    I can't wait to hear more! I would have loved to have gone, so I want all the details! I would never take my child to something like that. So strange.

  8. It wasn't their best parenting choice! Glad you are excited for me to share - cause I'm super excited to give you all my notes and experience! <3 <3

  9. Thanks for sharing a little about Blogher. Really diggin' the new 'do. It fits you well. I second the "yikes" in regards to the theatre. I'd have a pretty hard time watching that myself.

  10. Thanks lady! <3 <3 I love my new hair too! More to follow on the BlogHer experience! <3

  11. Niki CaronAugust 08, 2012

    I can'[t wait to read more! I want to go so badly next year - it looks like fun! Except I totally understand about everything in NYC being so ridiculous - it is absolutely insane how they jack up the prices!

  12. You should go! Next year is in Chicago! NYC is definitely a city with major challenges, but you get used to them for the most part. I hardly ever buy food off trucks in "high tourist" areas so I was just blown away at how big they were ripping people off.

  13. Mindi StavishAugust 08, 2012

    Next time I'm in NYC I'm for sure seeing a show. I was so close to standing in the 2:30 line for 50% off tickets for a night show on Saturday night but then I would miss Getting Gorgeous. Since the event was sooo hyped up I decided against the broadway tickets and went to GG. I think I would of had much more fun standing in line and getting to a show that night. Sigh..oh well not all was loss. The BlogHer sponsored party was fun that night.

  14. Avenue Q is hilarious. If you are an adult... Found you on the blog hop! Will stay tuned...

  15. Yeah - I was kind of surprised with the way most of the private parties were - so much hype but not really worth all the trouble and time. You'll just have to come back again and catch a show! <3


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