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Monday, August 20

Highs & Lows


#BlogHer12 Recap pt.3

I realize this has taken me forever to get to, but I need to finish writing my posts about the conference for future reference - so if you've heard enough about the event already - just skip this post and head right down to my Beauty Box Reveal or my collection of Pale Yellow for the Fall!

Ahhh Saturday.  The day I threw that beautiful google calendar plan in the garbage and decided to just wing it through the event.  Let me start with saying - after Friday night, I was gravely tired - like first two weeks post-partum tired.  I decided to skip breakfast at the conference and take my time getting ready to go - instead relaxing a bit before heading to the event.
When I arrived at the Hilton - I went straight for the expo hall.  I had decided that I wanted to spend my time there, meeting with PR Reps and Connecting with Brands.  I just found that I made the best connections there.  I scheduled a head and neck massage for later that afternoon at the Pfizer Booth.  I learned about all kinds of new products - including:
 Lifeproof iPhone cases - a must have for a mama with small kiddos!
And the Zeo Sleep Manager - a new at-home tool that helps you to get restful sleep.

While in the Expo Hall - I received the BEST compliment ever - "Are you a Fashion Blogger?"  Hello - I love you, can I kiss you!?  That was such a boost right there - of course I said no, and thanked the brand rep. for their very sweet compliment.  

After spending all morning in the Expo Hall - I realized that I had completely spaced on my Geek Bar appointment to learn about the new SquareSpace 6 - the platform I plan on moving over to when I leave my lovely home at Google/Blogger.  (I'm totally NOT doing Wordpress folks! When I get ready to switch I will share with you all why!)
L-R: Me, Kirby & her adorable daughter G, & part of Gangstagrass

Mid-day it was time for the Awesome Baby Blogs Social with a very special live performance of Gangstagrass.  Hello - they are amazing.  Wow.  So amazing I have to share a track with you right now.

It was such a fun time of meeting other members from the ABB Directory and just enjoying some time away from the chaos of the hotel.

Immediately after the social I headed up to the 42nd floor of the hotel to schedule in some time with Starbucks and the other suites.  Unfortunately it took me FOREVER to get up there with only 3 elevators going there at any time.  Almost as soon as I got up there, I turned around and headed down to my massage.

Just as I arrived...the scheduler was turning down a beautiful preggo lady because their spaces were all filled.  I knew immediately who it was and I was so excited to meet Ilana from MommyShorts! I love her blog - and so I said, "Hey, you know what - you can have my massage!"  She immediately tried to turn it down - thinking I was giving it up because she is pregnant, and I said - nope its not that - I'm just a super big fan!  She still refused, but took my business card (yay)!  What a fun chance to make an impression on a blogger I look up to! <3

After enjoying my massage - I had to high-tail it over to the Getting Gorgeous party hosted by CVS.
At Getting Gorgeous - I got to check out a ton of fun products and connect with Melly Atkinson from My PB and J!  I think we were both a little tired and weary at this point.  Plus - waiting in epic lines is never a fun way to spend your day.

I rushed back to the hotel after spending a short time there and made it just in time for my Starbucks Verismo demo!  Now, as a Seattle native, I consider myself a part of the coffee elite.  Everyone knows that if you live in Seattle, Starbucks is rarely a choice of places to go for coffee - you just have so many wonderful local coffee houses that are amazing and worth going to.  However; now that I live in NYC - Starbucks is the ONLY reliable place for a great cup of coffee.  Its either that or what I like to call "coffee water" - the stuff served at most cafe's and carts in this city.  Anyway, the demo is for their new single cup "pod" brewing system that will hit the shelves just in time for the holidays.  Because they haven't given me one for free (yet) I'm going to not give you the run-down...but get ready friends - it is amazing!

After the demo - I popped in to see what was going on with the NY Moms meet-up.  Then I headed down to take a rest before the first ever BlogHer Fashion Show.  It was around this time (I think) that I did a wall sit to recharge my batteries (as well as my iPhone).  And this is where the first major high of the day occurred.

I was so blessed to spend a good 30-45 minutes having a sweet sit-down chat with Alissa from Rags to Stitches.  We both chatted about what God was speaking to us in our lives with our various ventures.  And I just remember feeling at the end of the convo - wow, so much of what she said was Him speaking through her to me.  I seriously will treasure that conversation - as it has helped me to really focus on what God wants me to do going forward in terms of my life, blogging and dreams.

The high continued through the Fashion Show - an amazing and inspiring event that I am super glad that I didn't miss, especially because I didn't really plan on attending it.  The evening went on from there to party after party - none of which are really worth mentioning.  :) I said my good-byes and headed home, very much missing my hubby and daughter after the whirlwind of the weekend.

Read Part 1 & Part 2 here.  And stay tuned - I have one more recap post - as well as a very helpful list of take-aways coming this week!  And then you won't hear another word about BlogHer from me - at least for another year! <3 <3

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  1. I love hearing all about the trip! I'm hoping to go next year, so the more details you share the better :)

  2. Glad to hear that! I'm going to share on the Bonus day they had for Families - and then I want to do a post with the meat (good points I took away). :) So those will be hopefully up this week!

  3. You are so sweet, that was one of my favorite moments too!!! I need to get on it and blog my recap already. haha

  4. Yeah - I had to stop procrastinating and just get it done so I could be done with it! <3


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