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Thursday, August 30

BlogLovin' - Why You Should


Link & Mingle!

So, what's the big deal with BlogLovin'?

BlogLovin' acts as both a directory and a reader.  The site allows you to add your favorite blogs and then follow their posts in a very streamlined and modern way.  You receive a daily digest email with new posts listed out in headline/short intro format.

BlogLovin' is a great way to stay current with your favorite blogs!  It is also set to become a huge player as they focus largely on U.S. Bloggers in the next year.  Even if you don't use it as a reader right now, you should definitely head over there and "Claim" your blog.

Once you've claimed it, you can create a button on your website to gain BlogLovin' followers - and just make those who are obsessed with it happy by making it easy to find you on there.

Go check it out, and make sure you follow Baxtron{Life} via BlogLovin' too!
Follow on Bloglovin

And now we're back with the Link & Mingle - make sure you ENGAGE with the new people you check out - if you follow someone on twitter - tweet them to let them know, if you follow someone on Facebook - leave them a wall post.  It is sometimes really hard to connect if no one takes that first step of saying "Hey, I checked you out, and liked what I saw, so now I'm following!"

The long of it is, the "Link and Mingle: Sisters in Blogging Social Media Linkup". 
The short is, the "Link & Mingle". Call it what you wish. :)

Meet our weekly hosts!

and for this week's co-hosts, we have
Sarah | Life in a Break Down

Thank you, ladies!

Last week there seemed to be a few mix-ups, so in this week's link party, I'm including links connected to each header, to show you just what you should link up. :)

The "rules" are thus:
visit/follow/like as many links as you can,
link up to as many social media sites that apply to you (please link up only links that apply - blog posts and other links that do not apply will be removed),
share, tweet, and blog about this link party if you so wish,
grab the button {below},
and have fun meeting new people!

We would love it if you followed all of your hosts and co-hosts! 

Just have fun! :) 

If you would be interested in hosting this party permanently, or co-hosting it periodically, send an email to {}.

Alright, ladies! Button-up, link-up, and meet-up! :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Link & Mingle

Thank you for linking up!

Come back next Thursday for another round of the Link & Mingle!

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