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Wednesday, August 29

Drumroll Please...


Giveaways & Winners

A little housekeeping here that is overdue (just like the housekeeping in my actual home - yikes!)...

Winner of the Organic Mami Giveaway:
The Lovely Pamela 
Winner of the ad space on Natalie Blair:
The Lovely Ang
 The Winner of the Jewelry Surprise set is:
The Lovely Jessica

And did you know I have like 4 amazing giveaways going on right now!?

Picky Sticky is giving away onesie stickers -
 they were recently featured on the Today Show 
as one of the best shower gifts!

Enter the Giveaway!

Kendra over at Adventures of B&K is giving away
a cute Scrabble Tile Initial Pendant Necklace &
A "Do Something Amazing" wall decal!
Enter the Giveaway!

Paige of Eloping Stethoscope & Eloping Designs is giving away
a $15 Shop Credit - gorgeous jewelry to choose from!

Jamie & Miranda from the Pinterest Project are giving away
ad space and an giftcard!

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