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Thursday, August 9

Just Do It


Klout: Why You Should!

Are you confused about Klout?  Does it make you excited and terrified at the same time?  It should! Not really sure if it is accurate? Afraid of Klout assigning a number to you?  Well, guess what - even if you aren't signed up for Klout, chances are you already have a number by your name.  And as Klout continues to develop their social influence measurin' algorithm - it is going to be a contributing factor for how others evaluate your true influence!  Soon the days of just viewing numbers - (how many followers on any given media) will be gone - and all that will be left is the big word for your true influence - "ENGAGEMENT!"

Klout is the strongest measurer of engagement to date - and people are already experiencing perks of higher scores on Klout.  I read this article recently and it began to shift my perspective on the importance of being able to measure engagement across multiple platforms.  I also realized that beyond Klout's hit or miss perks - there are actually establishments: hotels, restaurants, airlines - etc. willing to throw in perks to people of influence.  We've all read from time to time how someone with a massive following has been wronged by a brand and until they actually used their influence to grab their attention they were ignored - but not afterwards - no - brands are learning (sometimes the hard way) that online influence is something to be reckoned with.

Why don't you go ahead and get signed up today!  And then come back and get a boost in your score immediately:

Today Angela is hosting her first ever link up - Kickin' it on Klout - K+ Blog Hop! 

What is Klout? It's a way of measuring your 'influence' online by measuring social media to see how much you engage others.... for more on metrics and whatnot, click here. I'm super excited to have some fantastic co-hosts here with me.  
Please say hello to:
Courtney from Baxtron{Life}
Jessica from Boys Oh Boys
Julie from Jam's Corner

1. Give a +K to the hosts, and please give them a K+ for the topic listed below:
Ang: Blogging
Courtney: Blogging
Paige: Beauty
Jessica: Blogging
Julie: Networking

2. Give a +K to at least 3 people who are above you in the Linky list 
3. Tweet or share via Facebook when you give +K to someone. 
4. Add people as your Influences if you really care about their topics 
5. Grab the Button

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  1. how fun is this?!! I really love Klout. I've gotten some amazing perks from them. They are seriously supporting my Essie addiction :) :)

  2. jessiekay77August 09, 2012

    I think I gave out too much K+.. it won't let me anymore :(

  3. Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.August 09, 2012

    Great intro to Klout! Just signed up and linked up!

  4. Check your profile tomorrow - it refreshes every day! :)

  5. So glad you joined the fun! <3 You get more +K to give out every day! <3 <3

  6. Mine too! I was a 50 for about an hour today ha! And it was enough time to score the metallic essie perk. So funny!

  7. protototype mamaAugust 09, 2012

    I've been so scared of Klout and I see why! My score is tterrible but thanks for the info-- I'm now very interested in what this is and how to improve

  8. Its worth checking out and getting familiar with - it won't be going anywhere any time soon!

  9. Thanks for this, it's so much fun! :) is my linkie up there, I am loving all the support! I have donated I think 15 klout to people so far!

  10. I joined Klout awhile ago due to my social media loving buddy Jen however I'm just now starting to play with it more so I'd love to see more people on there associated with me. I don't fully understand it but its fun to play around with :)


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