Wednesday, August 1

Calm Before the Storm


And Other [Pre] #BlogHer12 Ramblings

In less than 48 hours I will be attending my first ever blogging conference - all thanks to living in New York City - and BlogHer selecting my city as the place for their Gi-Hugant blogging conference!  

I've been a mixed ball of emotions for the past few weeks - trying to get ready and navigate the overwhelming scale of this conference.  I'm a complete newbie on the blog conference scene - and that is quite a huge (and dare I say courageous) step for me.  

Originally I signed up for BlogHer12 thinking that it would be like any other conference I've attending in my life - I'd get a set agenda with activities, start and end times, etc.  I'd possibly connect with a handful of people, eat hit or miss food - and hopefully learn SOMETHING about the topic of the conference, maybe even be inspired.

What I've learned as the days have inched nearer to the big event is that BlogHer (as well as other blogging conferences) are a completely different beast.  At times I've been terrified and intimidated by what I've read and seen and at other times elated and thrilled.  I've felt pangs of jealousy over the exhaustive list of exclusive-hush-hush-invite-only events that didn't feel the need to invite me.  I've pondered whether or not I need to buy an entirely new wardrobe just for the conference.  I've regretted not seeking conference sponsorship.  I've laughed at some of the insane behaviors I've witnessed by people who are on a swag-fest mission.  I've felt a little sick about overemphasis on "getting as much free stuff as possible" from time to time too.  I've wondered what the heck I got myself into by choosing to go to this crazy affair.

I've realized that this is a conference that is bringing together thousands of people from all over the blogosphere - with different niches, different goals and different ideas of what a blogging conference should be.  I've come to a place of acceptance of that fact and it has helped me to focus on what I hope to gain by attending the conference.

Connections >>  I am most excited about meeting other bloggers - both those I've communicated with and know will be there and the surprise people who will cross my path.  I was nervous a couple weeks ago and honestly a bit intimidated about meeting people - but then, as fate would have it, I went to an event and was able to chat with a couple of bloggers who will be there.  And then just tonight, before writing this post, I got to meet another blogger who lives in my neighborhood - and hopefully she'll be attending part of the conference too.  These meet-ups were just what I needed going into the conference!  I'm of course also excited to make brand connections - and hopefully even more - publishing agent/contacts.

Clarity >> I'm hoping to clarify my goals as a blogger.  I want to be inspired and encouraged, learn new secrets to success and hopefully figure out where I want to go with my blog next.  If you've been round these parts for a while, you may know that I started this blog as a way to get back into writing, and my true dream is to write my first book.  I'm planning on doing that this November, so I'm hoping to gain some insight and understanding on how to connect with agents as well as how to use my blog to showcase my writing.

Cool Stuff >>  I of course am interested in being introduced to cool new things - via brands and other bloggers, I get excited just thinking of the plethora of exchange opportunities available.  I'm also excited to be attending a few private parties (so yeah, I did get invited to a few - so nuts really) and I want to use those opportunities to make strong connections!  I'm definitely setting my expectations low in terms of swag - so I'll be pleasantly surprised by any and all that is received.

I've said all this to say - I'm about to check out for about a week - but I've got some awesome giveaways planned while I'm gone (because, hey, if I'm getting swag, I want YOU to have swag too!)  I'll be doing some live blogging via Instagram & Twitter - so make sure you follow me on both!  And I'll be using the hashtag #BaxtronBH12 if you want to follow that way! Will share what I learn and all the details of my experience upon my return!!

<3 <3 Courtney <3 <3

P.S. Definitely enter my current giveaways and get ready for some prizes this week you won't want to miss! 

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  1. Tiffany AustinAugust 01, 2012

    Have a great time at the conference! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Linda JordanAugust 01, 2012

    Looks like tons of fun!! I'm in NYC also but I haven't been able to attend anything like this, I can't wait to see how it turns out for you!!

  3. ooooooo I totally have been thinking about writing a post like this...maybe ill pull it together and do it for tomorrow....probably not.  LOVE your list- and I feel the same way - soooo overwhelming, sooo exciting, soooo inspiring and yet a little bit of a downer.  Crazy how many feelings this one conference brings out.

  4. I'm pretty sure by 5pm tomorrow I will be filled with the best of emotions - excitement, anticipation and elation! :)

  5. Have fun! I'm super jealous! I'll be following along on instagram :)

  6. jinglebellstimeAugust 02, 2012

    Have tons of fun!!


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