Thursday, September 13

Escape from the City, 1


My 31st Birthday

Labor Day weekend we celebrated my 31st birthday (September 1st).  My wonderful in-laws drove from Columbus, Ohio on Friday, and we prepped to leave early the next day for our road trip to Vermont, Martha's Vineyard and Mystic.  Life has been beyond chaos in the weeks following our trip. so I'm finally getting around to share the pictures from our road trip.  Zion did great the whole time (we made sure to plan our drives with her in mind - having the ipad helped too!)
Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino  Zion Asleep on the Roadtrip
Our first stop, was Starbucks, hehe - I had to capitalize on my "Any drink you want" free birthday drink, and so I grabbed the behemoth venti green tea frap.  Not long after we were on our way to our first destination, little lady had passed out next to me.  Our whole purpose of going to Vermont was so that we could essentially check it off the list of states my Mother & Father-in-law have been (they've been to almost every single one!)  My MIL had her heart set on picking up some authentic Vermont Maple Syrup.  Our first drive was 4 hours (a straight Northern journey from NYC).  We left at 5:30am!  And arrived to Vermont just in time for the Brattleboro Farmer's Market.

Family Welcome to Vermont

Zion in Vermont

Welcome to Brattleboro Vermont

Generations Vermont

Father-in-law Relaxing

Brattleboro Famers Market - Blueberries & Raspberries

Eileen & Jerry Baxtron Sr.

Scallion Pancake & Farm Fresh Egg
^^ Scallion Pancake with Farm Fresh Egg
Baxtron Family

Maple Birch Soda
^^ Maple Birch Soda - best soda I've had in my life - this stuff is incredible!

We spent a few hours in Vermont before hopping back on the road - we aimed to reach Martha's Vineyard by early evening.  (Another 4+ hour drive).  It's tricky getting their with Ferry's only running every 30-45 minutes and the last ferry returning to the mainland around 9/10pm.  We hoped we'd make it there with enough time to see a few sites, visit a BBQ Restaurant my MIL wanted to go to for dinner, and still make it back to our hotel at a reasonable hour so Zion could get a good night's sleep.

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  1. Devon RiesenbergSeptember 13, 2012

    Courtney, you're lookin' good! You have the brightest don't look 31. More like 25! Cute pic of Z on the bench and pretty close up of those yummy berries. I have a weakness for families of 3 like mine...just SO much love :)

  2. Your in-laws are adorable! Happy 31st!

  3. Maple birch soda sounds sooo good! I lived in Burlington, VT for all of 6 months when I was younger. Fun little town. :)


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