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Thursday, September 13

Escape from the City, 2


My 31st Birthday

We left Vermont Saturday, around 11:30 or so and hopped on the road in hopes of making it on a boat by 4pm.  We made a couple of stops along the way to stretch, but regrettably didn't stop for a substantial meal (in hindsight this was a critical error!)  We did however stop for a car charger for our i-devices - you know - way more important than eating at the time. Ha!  We arrived at our motel for check-in right around 3pm, and needed a break.  We unloaded the car, changed clothes and rested - then we were off to grab a ferry.

 Zion's First Boat Ride!

 Oh Hey there yacht with a helicopter on it!

We all were really excited to get to Martha's Vineyard, the weather was simply stunning, we had a great boat ride - Zion's first ever, but halfway there (all of us hungry and tired) we were told our boat was being re-routed to Vineyard Haven instead of Oak Bluffs.  Big huge bummer - as it turns out Vineyard Haven shuts down very early.  We ended up settling on a restaurant none of us really were sure about (which turned out to be much pricier than we had wanted to spend) and then the food was just totally subpar.  Probably the worse seafood we've ever eaten - shame on you Black Dog Tavern!

We never fully recovered from the let down of being brought to a different location- that was totally dead - (plus our disappointing dinner)-even with attempting to sweeten the visit by having a scoop at Mad Martha's ice cream.  We spent the rest of our time waiting for the next boat to take us back, ending up stuck on the outside, freezing in our summer clothes in the dark.  A bit defeated we headed back to the motel, and one by one crashed into our night's rest.

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  1. HarlemLoveBirdsSeptember 13, 2012

    Your posts are making me miss New England! Love Martha's Vineyard and can't wait to get back there and the CApe someday. Too bad about Black Dog Tavern; I know it's a tourist attraction so maybe they skimp on food because of that. Can't wait to hear more about the trip . . .Happy belated birthday!

  2. Oh I hate when a day full of great expectations turns out to be a bummer, especially a birthday. I hope you can go back sometime soon and visit the places you wanted to go!

  3. Thanks lady! <3 We're definitely planning a trip back to Martha's in the Spring!! <3

  4. It was all good in the end - we just decided we needed to go there and spend a full weekend exploring. :) We learned a lot in our little disappointing trip!

  5. Bummer you didn't make it to Martha's Vineyard. Eventually we would like to to there for a long weekend trip when the boys are old enough to stay with their grandparents overnight. :)

  6. I went to Martha's Vineyard once years ago and the one thing I wish I'd known about was the public transit system. ( My friends and I didn't figure that one out until we'd hiked along the roads for almost two miles trying to get to some restaurant that my friend wanted to go.... Turns out, in addition to the designated bus stops, as long as you're not on a curve or at an intersection, you can hail a VTA bus as if were a cab.

  7. Thanks for this tip! We'll for sure keep this in mind!


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