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Thursday, September 13

Escape from the City, 3


My 31st Birthday

Sunday morning, we woke up determined to make the last day of our adventure the best it could be.  I'm so glad Jerry let me sleep in - I was utterly exhausted from the evening before.  He snapped this cute shot of Zion getting loaded up on Fruit loops.  After packing up and checking out - we decided we'd like to make our Sunday a foodie-themed trip - we'd stop in places along our route home for whatever yummy treats we could find.
 On our way out of Cape Cod, we stopped in Dartmouth, MA.  We just happened to drive by this festive looking cafe called Mirasol's - and we were pleasantly surprised by what we found inside.
 For starters - the food we ordered was amazing.  Jerry and I chose tortilla wraps that had been filled with delicious ingredients and grilled like a quesadilla - totally delicious!!  And then - after being less than satisfied with a rather bland mocha - I hopped on FourSquare to discover that everyone was raving about this thing called a Chippi - and there was also mention of PB Cup Cookies.  So glad I went back to the counter and grabbed one of each!
^^ Bland mocha on the left next to my Chippi on the right, below is a melt in your mouth PB Cookie!

Our journey continue as we entered into Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay.  My Father-in-law and I regret not splitting a lobster roll in the little harbor area we took a pitstop in.  Totally unplanned we took a side trip to a couple of lighthouses (Mom is a big fan of them) and Zion got to splash her feet in the ocean for a little while too.

Our morning was rich with gorgeous views of the Atlantic -and the freedom of just exploring places we'd never been.  Our trip wasn't over yet though - for my birthday I had requested a return trip to explore Mystic!

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