Friday, September 14

Escape from the City, 4


My 31st Birthday

And then, there was Mystic.  I fell in love with Mystic earlier this year when Jerry surprised me with a romantic one-night getaway for our anniversary.  Our time spent their in June felt like a bit of a tease compared to our several hours spent on this perfect Summer evening.

 ^^ The Sea Swirl is known for its clam strips - and now I know why! Best I've ever had!
^^ Zion sucking on a Lemon - she loves them (weirdo :P)


We had to visit Mystic Pizza while we were here this time.  We split a Pizza - I totally forgot what toppings we chose for our half - my in-laws got creative and made theirs pastrami and onion - loved it!

 ^^ One thing you should know about me - I hardly go a day without ice cream and never a day without coffee!  The flavors I chose above were: Kahlua Mocha Fudge & Chocolate Reese's PB Cup

We finished our day as the sun began setting over Mystic Seaport.  If you've never been to Mystic - there is something just magical about the whole area.  Its beautiful, its warm, inviting, friendly...we had such a great time.

 Zion sure loves her Grandma & Grandpa.  <3

Our adventure for the weekend ended as we cruised on home - miraculously avoiding any major traffic!  Such a great birthday weekend/holiday/visit with family.  <3

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  1. I absolutely love clam strips! I hate that you can't find them everywhere but I love them!!

  2. Chelsea DinsmoorSeptember 14, 2012

    I hardly go a day without ice cream too. A scoop a day keeps the Dr. away? Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  3. I love seafood - but I hardly ever eat it here on the East coast (I'm sort of snobbish since I was raised in Seattle on Pacific ocean seafood) ha! That being said I was stunned at how good the clams were!

  4. I just love it! <3 We had such a great trip thanks! :)

  5. It looks like such a great town! Yummmm that ice cream looks amazing!

  6. Now I want ice cream... thanks a lot! :)
    I can't go without chocolate though.


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