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Wednesday, September 19

Fridays Letters on A Wednesday

I know its not Friday - but I have to purge early and I decided it might be easiest to just purge ala "letters" style.  So here goes...

Dear Security Guard at Trader Joes, you have a lot of nerve asking me if I know I have to pay for the cheesestick I fed my melting down 2 year old who was behaving as if I'd starved her for a week.  How convenient of you to miss out on the fact that she is strapped in a shopping cart filled to the brim with food and the rest of the cheesesticks in their package are right there.  Do I look like I'm about to run out the door without paying?  Would I be filling my cart this full of food if I didn't have money to pay for these items?  I don't care if we live in NYC, a place where crazy people do seem to be in abundance, that was just RUDE.

Dear Store Manager at Trader Joes, thank-you for being unavailable for me to stop and vent my (above-mentioned) frustrations today - you helped me grow a little in my faith - and allowed me to hear God's reminder that it is righteous to overlook an offense.

Dear Neck, Back & Shoulders - seriously? I did a 10 minute ab workout, thats it - don't act like I just lifted twice my bodyweight above my head - cause I didn't.  Please, stop spasming and just release and relax!

Dear Salted Caramel Chocolate (anything - mocha, hot chocolate, candybar, truffle, ice cream)- you are an evil temptress, when I see you I convince myself that I have to have you.  Very little battle - you always win.

Dear Paleo/Crossfit - everything I learn about you makes me excited to change my life.  And nothing has felt more right in terms of eating and fitness than the sweet things you speak of in the many books and blogs I'm currently reading.

Dear Husband - I have to say, I am so grateful that you give me the reassurance I need even when I am being incredibly silly.  I love you.

Dear "No!"'s that keep coming out of my Daughter's mouth - cease and desist.

Dear Fall - alright, alright, you win!  I guess you aren't so bad after all - I mean I do have ALL THESE THINGS to look forward to.  <3

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  1. already loving this blog and this post...these letters are the best, and you wrote them so well. i love the cheese stick part..just a bored security guard on a power trip! still love trader joe's though. i'm your newest follower! come follow back at XO

  2. Following you back! And indeed - definitely a bored security guard on a power trip - ha!

  3. Kristin FleckSeptember 19, 2012

    wait a second, you have a SECURITY GUARD at your Trader Joe's?!! That's crazy, yo! And I just almost died at the "cease and desist!" Oh! And I think I'm trying paleo too! Let's have a chat soon, k? I miss your face!

  4. Security guard power trips crack me up! Sheesh man, it's not like you ran out the door with it. Yay for fall and salted caramel goodies. Happy almost Friday!

  5. Thanks Eisley! :) Yeah - was nowhere near the front door. Grr! Yes - salted caramel - think a starbucks run is in order today!

  6. Yeah babe we need to set up a facetime! :) Seriously - Zion's little sassy disobedience lately is pushing all of my buttons!

  7. Great way to overcome the weekday blahs! Happy birthday too :)

  8. I love these sorts of posts. I hope you feel better now that you've vented. xoxox.

  9. Linda JordanSeptember 25, 2012

    Which trader joe's were you at? I have had problems with the people working there being extremely rude at the one in brooklyn heights multiple times, but the people at the ones in chelsea & union square are always really nice. That really is obnoxious, I'm sorry you had a bad day! (And that I'm commenting waaaay late, I've been really behind on reading blogs) Love this post though!

  10. I was at Trader Joes Upper West Side! :)


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