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Thursday, September 27

Klout Perks



Klout Perks!!  Perhaps you've heard of the elusive benefits that those with high Klout scores are privy to?  So far I've received everything from early access to new online sites, to several bottles of Essie Nail Polish, Starbucks drinks, and more!  You can get them - and soon its going to be easier than ever before!

Klout recently announced they are going to improve their perks - so not only will you know right away when you become eligible for a perk - but the perks will be more tailored toward your interests.  For a better look at what they are planning you can read this article here!

And now....back by popular demand, it's ANG's Kickin' it on Klout - K+ Blog Hop! If you're new to Klout, the idea is that it's a way of gauging your 'influence' online by measuring social media to see how much you engage others.... for more on metrics and whatnot, click here.

 Welcome back your hosts:
Courtney from Baxtron{Life} 
Jessica from Boys Oh Boys
 And say hello to new co-hostesses for the month:
  Tiffanie from Life of the Little Man
Jessa from Life of a Sports Wife


1. Give a +K to the hosts, and please give them a K+ for the topic listed below           

Ang: Blogging, Books or Recipes           
Courtney: Blogging or Advertising           
Tiffanie: Blogging, Crafts or Family           
Jessica: Blogging, Social Media, or Family           
Jessa: Blogging or Sports 

 2. Give a +K to at least 3 people who are above you in the Linky list 

3. Tweet (use hashtag #kickinitonklout) or share via Facebook when you give +K to someone. 

4. Add people as your Influencers if you really care about their topics 

5. Grab the Button

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  1. Brittany SiemensSeptember 27, 2012

    I'm sure I'm just missing something, and I have a Klout account, but how do you +k?!

  2. Stephanus SonataSeptember 27, 2012

    Nice article, thanks for the information.
    Steph @

  3. Visit the person's profile and then click the button that says "Give +K" next to the topic you want to give it in. Does that make sense?

  4. thanks for co-hosting again! :)


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