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Friday, September 28

The Pretty Physicist


Meet Jessica

Tell us about you >>>
I am a twenty-something physicist, working as an engineer at a battery company. I went to college with all guys, and I work with all guys, so blogging is my link to my girly side. My mantra in everything that I do is: Who says smart can't be pretty? It's something I wish I had realized back in high school, back when I thought it wasn't cool to be smart. I love to read, shop, cook, and I love all things Hello Kitty.

Tell us about your family >>> I live with my husband of 5 1/2 years in south central PA. My husband works in IT at a local university. We have 4 cats - Callie, Mittens, Autumn, and Einstein. Hopefully in the next year or so, we'll be adding a human baby to the mix (after my upcoming surgery).

Tell us about your blog >>> I blog about everything - from cooking to reading to my life in general. My blog is my outlet for everything going through my head, so it is a lot of randomness. I am 100% myself, and I think I'm pretty entertaining - at least I hope I am!

Anything else you want to share >>> I have 4 stress fractures in my lumbar spine from an old gymnastics injury. I've had this pain for about 14+ years. It is finally going to be repaired with surgery in the beginning of October. Once my surgery is over and I start recovery, I will start to feature fitness more on my blog once I am allowed to do things again (and they aren't painful). One of the first things I plan to do is to run a 5K!

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