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Wednesday, September 5

Out Sick


I'll Do It ... Tomorrow...

Yep.  This is happening.  I had a fantastic Birthday weekend, so much to share with you all, so many pictures from our road trip to Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut, but unfortunately I picked up a nasty cold - so I'm just trying to survive with my little never-outta-energy 2 year old.

Coming up on BaxtronLife : Road Trip Pictures & Stories, Simply September and MY 1st Blog Anniversary!!

Stay tuned...and pray for quick healing! <3

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  1. SimplyStavishSeptember 06, 2012

    Hope your feeling better soon. Can't wait to see all your pictures. I am not looking forward to our road trip to ME and NH. It will be nice to get there but the actual road trip part always is a bummer with two small children. Someday it might be enjoyable for them but for sure not at this point.

  2. Thank you! I hope the road trip part is better than expected! It is definitely a challenge!


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