Friday, October 12

Fridays Letters

I really love Friday's letters posts - so even though I don't do them regularly, I always love the chance to participate!  So here goes!

Dearest Husband - even though marriage is no piece of cake - it is worth every single moment of time, energy, stress, joy - to be married to YOU.  I can't even begin to tell you in words what you mean to me.  I just know that God specifically planned for us to be together - and I'm in awe of how many times he has confirmed that in some small detail that only I could appreciate.  This week you really encouraged me and challenged me in a way that I pushed me to be a better person, and I am incredibly grateful.  I love you.

Dear Darling Daughter - last week you surprised me by grabbing my hand in the car, unexpectedly and telling me that I was your best friend.  I could cry just thinking of the times where I have been so terrified that I have failed you in some way.  If you could only know how important it is to me to be the mother you need in your life - to be there for you and love on you, and how that simple statement made me feel.  You are such a joy in my life - I'm working hard to heal the pain in my heart so I can be fully present in your life - always, thank you for showing me God's grace and love.

Dear Gluten -  I gave you up for a while - and you know what - I've realized how bad you are for me. I mean, you literally make me sick.  Now, I may have relapsed on you in the past 24 hours but I've decided you aren't worth it.  I thought I loved bread.  But I love not feeling bloated more.  And I love that I'm not fighting acne as much and that I feel better over all since eliminating you.  So, I'm breaking up with you for good.  No on-again, off-again.  You just aren't good for me.  It's definitely you, not me.

Dear Costume party -  What the heck am I going to wear to you!? I'm not in my 20's anymore so you can bet I'm not comfortable buying one of those ridiculously immodest costumes that that seem to be the majority of what is offered now-a-days.  I was thinking maybe a Gold-Digger?  But maybe a Greek Goddess?  Maybe Athena - you know, I am a wise old maid.  ;)

Dear Trader Joes Pumpkin [Anything] -  Damn you are so good!  I mean I just want to make a special trip to restock my cupboard with you - especially Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte mix - oh my goodness!!

Dear Starbucks -  I love you - you have been faithful to me out here in this city of Coffee-water, but I cheated on you today and it felt, amazing.  There is a local place in my hood called Cafe Bunni - and wow - their Salted Caramel Mocha put yours to shame - not to mention how the foam heart design carefully crafted by their barista won me over.  I'm concerned for you.  But don't be too threatened, I mean, you are still winning by location.

Dear Carpal Tunnel -  Thank you for calming down.  Your rage was really difficult to deal with, and now that you have calmed a bit, I'm able to once again enjoy all of life.  Now, can you pretty please stay calm going forward?

Dear Politics -  I really do want to care about you, but I have lost all faith in your ability to mean anything.  I mean it doesn't matter who wins - the other party will just screw all your efforts while you are in office, and inevitably you will accomplish nothing you have promised.  Until both parties can learn to work together and stop being so hatefully divided things are just going to be ugly and pointless.  Its sad what you have become - and worthy of ridicule.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. jessiekay77October 12, 2012

    I feel the same way about Politics. Glad someone sees

  2. Glad to know its not just me!

  3. Kim McilrathOctober 13, 2012

    Love this post! All of it! Oh and where is this cafe Bunni. I thought I knew our neighborhood so well.

  4. Rebecca RouseOctober 15, 2012

    Love this! Especially the political one, and hello starbucks! If you don't mind, I might give this format a go, of course not just like yours : ) i love it! hope you have a wonderful monday - yes, I'm a little late reading this post! xo

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :) Its definitely not my idea - here is the original link party it is inspired by:
    Hope you are well lady! <3

  6. It just opened! And its amazing! Between 186/187 on Pinehurst! :)

  7. AbsoluteMommyOctober 16, 2012

    Loved all your letters, but especially the one to Gluten. I have been gluten free for 10 years, and I've been 100% grain free since February. Gluten makes me so sick. Not just my gut, but my hormones and my adrenals as well. There is life after gluten, and I have tons of recipes and lists that I'd love to share with you any time. If you going to commit to a gluten free diet then you must pay attention to drug labels (especially generics) and also to your daily Starbucks. Unfortunately Starbucks has not committed itself to be gluten free, and some of their mocha and latte mixes are full of gluten. Just be very careful and aware... After a few months of being gluten free, you may become very sensitive to gluten and just a little bit will cause you to have a reaction. I promise you won't miss gluten a bit... Let's talk gluten free pumpkin choco chip muffins from a mix, and nutella rice crispy treats... Oh, and GF "Oreos".
    XOXO, and keep living GF!

  8. I'm trying to stick to it. Our family is on the slow path to being completely Paleo. :) So we'll be grain-free and mostly dairy-free, with a few exceptions for yogurt, butter, cheese on occasion. We feel better being off of it! I took a 14 day challenge and was 99% off of it (save for the hidden gluten out there) but I felt way better even with the big reduction. We're slowly eliminating everything - though I did make a glorious gluteny apple pie today (EEP!) I chickened out when I couldn't find ingredients to make the grain free pie crusts I was hoping to try. I will surely hit you up for some tips!


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