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Thursday, October 11

Glade Expressions



Have you guys tried any of the new Glad Expressions products?  Last month I participated in a BzzAgent campaign and had the chance to check out the Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffuser for FREE!

I just wanted to share a couple things here with you - first - have you signed up to be a BzzAgent yet?  Go do it! Its really fun (and FREE) to try new products that are catered to your interests!

And second - next time you are in the market for delicious scented products to make your home inviting - give these a try.  There were three scents available and my preference is the tropical smell of Pineapple Mangosteen, but maybe you'd like the others!

I wasn't totally won over by the oil diffuser - though the look of it is great - the scent wasn't strong enough for a lasting impact - but the fragrance mist is great!

I'm not getting paid to endorse this - just sharing my experience!

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  1. I got this campaign too! I think I got the pineapple one because all the rest were gone :/

    I agree with you about the oil diffuser, because the smell quickly disappeared or camouflaged to where I couldn't smell it anymore. But the spray was the BOMB!!! I loved it!! I used it alllllllllll up LOL!!

    I had a very negative experience with bzzagent last week. My score is at 10! And I get 3-4 campaigns a month and I am always spreading the word. They sent me a campaign last week for Green Mountain coffee and I went to accept it and it was full... but others were still getting in after they said it was full... I didn't understand. And boy did I let them know I was unhappy. So be careful with that if it ever happens to you!!

  2. I agree!! I am a Bzzagent as well and this had to be my favorite campaign.

  3. I got chosen for this from BZZ Agent too! I love it :)

  4. What was your favorite scent!?


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