Wednesday, October 3

Tria Hair Removal Laser Update


Slow Hair Regrowth Already!

Hey friends! I'm back with an update on my quest to be armpit hair free!  Yep, time to let you know how my first experience with the Tria Hair Removal Laser has gone and any results.  Since I'm resting my hands and wrists as much as possible, I'm sharing via vlog today.  

Next update in two weeks will show you progress pictures after two treatments!  I am excited to see the change in hair growth and hear what you guys think.

I received a complimentary Tria Hair Removal Laser to review as a part of the Tria Beauty Blogger program, all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Amanda EnglishOctober 03, 2012

    I had laser hair removal done 2 years ago... The hair would fall out and then a new cycle of hair would come in. It always seemed like it'd progress, but now it's pretty much all back? they said I was a prime candidate too... fair skin / dark hair. Then I had a friend who had it done at the same place like 6-7 years ago and still has no hair... I hope that it works out well for you b/c I'd love for it to have worked for me... =/

  2. Oh man! How frustrating! I've heard a ton of mixed reviews about laser hair removal, so I am thrilled to be trying it and keeping myself open minded about the results. I do have to say I like being able to do this in the comfort of my own home and on my own schedule. I hope it works too!

  3. I like to care about my Hair Growth


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