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Thoughts on Trying to Conceive


Non-Traditional Baby Shower Ideas

This post could also be titled, "waaaahhhh I wanteeeeee baby now!!!!" But don't worry, I'm not going to get all ugly-cry on you, not just yet anyway.  It seems as though when you really want something to happen (read: a new car, marriage, baby) everyone seems to have or be getting what you want.

I mean just in the last month I've heard of at least 4 new pregnancies of people I am acquainted with.  And I'm not jealous, I'm sincerely thrilled for these ladies, but it does leave that question of wonder.  More like a mix between bewilderment and frustration.  I mean, seriously, you do all these things in your adolescent years to prevent pregnancy (unless you abstained - God knows I wish I had, but that is for another post)...and then you get married and you have your first baby rather unexpectedly and then you think okay great, it's time for another.  You start actually trying to make it happen and then ... nada.

They say to give it a full year of best effort before looking into it, but man is that hard to do when your biological clock is ticking like crazy.  Needless to say, I'm not pregnant yet.  But, I'm ready.  And I'm not desperate or discouraged but believing and waiting on God for His timing.  It is so hard to wait for those things which our heart's so eagerly desire!  So to all of you that are waiting for something right now...just know...I feel you!

On that note, thought it would be fun to share some Non-traditional Baby Shower Ideas predicted by Beau-coup!

1. Diaper Showers
How it works: Diapers are the one thing every new parent needs – and they will need a mountain of diapers in the coming months. Each guest is asked to bring diapers and diaper changing supplies like wipes and ointments in lieu of gifts. Diaper showers are common for mothers who are having a second or third child, but they are also a great way to help out a new mom.

2. Casserole Showers

How it works: It is important for mom and dad to stay happy and healthy while they focus on those crucial first months of their new baby’s life. With a casserole shower, friends and family can ensure the new parents have enough food to last them through those first few weeks of sleepless nights spent looking after the little one. Between caring for baby and work, many a mom and dad would forget to eat entirely if it were not for caring friends and family.

3. Book Showers

How it works: Parents who are bibliophiles may hope to pass on their love of books to their little ones. By having a book shower complete with cute bookmark favors, mom and dad can build a child-friendly library of books that will help their little bookworm grow and learn.

4. "Dadchelor" Parties

How it works: New dads are celebrating their impending fatherhood the same way they are celebrating their weddings – with one last day of freedom before the big day. With a “dadchelor” party, the father-to-be gets to spend a day with his buddies doing…well, whatever he wishes.

5. Girls Night Out/In

How it works: Instead of showering the new mom with gifts, her best gal pals can get together with mom-to-be and spoil her rotten before baby arrives. Many new moms truly enjoy one last day of pampering with close friends before their lives become all about baby.

6. Gender Reveal

How it works: A gender reveal party requires early planning. Parents-to-be have to keep the baby’s gender a secret from friends and family, and maybe even themselves, for it to work. Ask the ultrasound technician to write the sex down on a piece of paper, and seal it in an envelope. That envelope gets handed to the baker who then bakes either a pink cake or blue cake depending on whether the baby is a girl or a boy. The cake then gets covered in white frosting until the pink or blue cake is completely hidden. Have guests show up at the party dressed in either pink or blue to indicate which sex they believe the cake will reveal. The fun and exciting moment arrives when everyone finds out the gender at the same time as the new mom and dad cut into the cake to discover whether they are welcoming a boy or girl!

7. Adoption Celebration

How it works: Many new parents adopt or foster rather than conceiving traditionally. Many of these new parents may have adoption celebrations called “Welcome Home” parties, or “Meet the Baby” gatherings. Adoption celebrations are a great way to ensure the new parents have everything they need to help raise their adoptive child.

8. Sip'N'See

How it works: A sip 'n' see is a “meet the baby” party. It is the perfect opportunity for friends and family to come visit the new parents and their little bundle of joy a few weeks after the birth. A smaller production than a traditional baby shower, a sip ‘n’ see is a great way to get in some quiet bonding time with light refreshments.

9. Baby Naming

How it works: A baby naming ceremony is a non-religious way for parents to make a spiritual and emotional commitment to their baby. Traditionally, the new parents choose the baby’s name and reveal it to close friends and family, while making a vow to love and protect the child. This is an increasingly popular event where parents can publicly welcome the new addition to their family.

Information above used with permission from Beau-Coup - a great resource for baby shower favors and more!  


  1. Rebecca RouseNovember 17, 2012

    What a frustrating time! I love it - and my favorite quote was 'I mean, seriously, you do all these things in your adolescent years to prevent pregnancy (unless you abstained - God knows I wish I had, but that is for another post)...and then you get married...' for real! hehe I love the diaper shower - I had one w/ our second, b/c she was so unexpected. I knew we were having another girl, so there wasn't much need for anything else. I loved it! b/c really, what else does a family w/ a baby NEED? not more clothes baby will wear once, but diapers they will wear once lol

  2. Oh my goodness - I hear ya! I'm going through the same thing right now - just wrote about it here >>

  3. Oh man! I'm so sorry to hear you have to deal with this! Its so incredibly difficult to just be patient. Especially when you wonder if something is wrong, or even know that there are possibilities of something being wrong.

  4. I think my favorite on the list was the Dadchelor party - totally not necessary but leave it up to the guys to feel like their lives are ending when a child comes along - and they say women are dramatic. ;) Ha!

  5. SimplyStavishNovember 19, 2012

    Sending LOTS and LOTs of baby dust your way!!!


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