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Wednesday, November 21

Simple Fall Wreath Tutorial

I had a moment this week to finally put together a Fall wreath, and I know you will love this simple DIY!  For the supplies, I found them at Target of all places in the dollar spot!  I think I spent $6 on the vine wreath and silk flowers, the rest of the items were leftovers from last year.  To copy this you'll need some yarn and ribbon.  I chose colors that were warm and rich, reminding me of the last days of warm sunshine before Winter.

1.  Begin the wreath by winding some yarn around it.  You can start the yarn by tying it directly on the wreath, then cut a decent length of yarn so you can go around the wreath twice in a spiral pattern.  Once you have it how you want it, tie the end piece on as well and trim any excess yarn.

2.  Next, twist some ribbon around the wreath, also in a diagonal/spiral manner.  I used ribbon that had a bit of wire molding to it so it stayed in place, but you can glue the beginning piece with the hot glue to keep it where you want it.  After you get it placed how you like it, trim it and glue down the ends so it stays in place.

 3.  Next, you'll want to add your silk flowers and other plants.  For this part, I clipped the stems of the sunflowers so they were only an inch or two from the base of the flower.  With vine wreath you can weave the stems easily into the wreath.  I would recommend you experiment first with the placement of your flowers until you are satisfied with its look, then put some hot glue directly on the stem, and slide the stem back into place.  I was able to pull apart the branches of my berries and weave them throughout the vine wreath without needing hot glue at all.  And finally, I took the leaves and put a bit of hot glue on the stems and placed them where I wanted them.

4.  I chose to use a coordinating ribbon for a bow - and then I couldn't figure out where I wanted to place the bow.  There is really nothing to this bow, and its quite simple to create using ribbon that has a bit of wire molding to it.  You pretty much just loop the ends around and tie a small not, then play with it until it looks pretty.  ;)  Once you figure out where you want your bow - top or bottom, or even if you want the bow I should say, then glue it in place.

5.  Voila!  Simple Fall Wreath - inexpensive, festive, Fall!  After the glue is dry - simply hang it on your door using a wreath hanger.  Thanks for sticking around to check this out!

 I'd love to hear your simple Fall decor ideas, so please feel free to leave links in your comments below!


  1. HarlemLoveBirdsNovember 21, 2012

    What a great wreath! The Target dollar section is the best, isn't it? I often stay away from it cause I know I'll get carried away. LOL! I like to simmer spices on the stove. A bit of cloves, cinnamon sticks, and orange peel definitely get me in a great fall mood!

  2. Yes! The dollar spot is awesome! And tempting! Oooh I love getting the house smelling like spices too! Yummy! Hope you had a great thanksgiving lady! :)

  3. mayceegreeneSeptember 06, 2013

    This wreath is so adorable! not only is so lovable because of the ribbon, but the color scheme you chose is great!

    Maycee (eShip Global)


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