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Wednesday, November 7

Winners & Ad Space Claimers

Hey lovelies!! Woohooo! I'm finally back with the winner of the Lauren Nicole Gifts $75 Shop Credit, and all of the official ad space claimers from the Birthday/Blog Anniversary Giveaway in early September!

Winner of the Lauren Nicole Gifts Giveaway:
Congrats Lesley R! 
Can't wait to find out what you choose from this great shop! 
 Thank you to all who entered!!

And now the ad space claimers from my 1st Blog Anniversary:'
Warning - totally unnecessary to watch this video!

December Ads:
Loveliest -
Ashley M.

Lovelier - 
Brittney L.
Ashley K.
Erin B.
Jessica S.

Lovely - 
Emily R.
Diana Z.
Sarah F.

Most Lovely - 
Jessica B.
Jennifer N.

January Ads:
Loveliest -
Courtney D.
Ang P.

Lovelier -
Brighton H.
DeAnn P.

Lovely -
Sarah-Louise B.
Amber M.
Brittany H.
Kassie R.
Sara V.

Most Lovely -
Krystal B.
Melissa P.

February Ads:
Loveliest -
Chelsea O.

Most Lovely -
Kelly H.

All of you will be emailed this evening - and totally your responsibility to claim your ad space via the instructions I send! Thank you to all who entered and participated! XO

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  1. So excited! Have really enjoyed your blog and following you on Instagram!


Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I don't always have time to respond to each one, but I do read them! XO