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Thursday, December 6

Holiday Entertaining Inspiration


@Momtrends #LuxHoliday

I had an incredible time at this year's MomTrends Holiday Entertaining Event, featuring dazzling party inspirations by the two lovelies behind Party Blu Print Blog.  While we mingled, delighted ourselves in festive party foods and a drink or two, these ladies gave us a few tips for planning our holiday decor.  My biggest take home tip was to always start with a holiday inspiration board with imagery and color swatches and things that inspire the look and feel you are going for.  So, here it holiday inspiration board for this year...
via BaxtronLife on Polyvore
I originally was inspired by silver and winter white, from the first table setting that was modeled at the party, but opted to go for gold and white at home instead.  I loved decorating my home this year, especially since I will be out of town for the next three weeks and had no reason to do it.  And that may have been one of my secret motivations for throwing my first annual Ladies Christmas Social at my apartment.

A few other amazing brands were showcased at the MomTrends event, and I can't wait to tell you more about them in the coming months.  You can check out a few below!  I also had the honor of meeting the lovely Courtney of The Chirping Moms and Divina of The Dancing Hotdogs.

Thank you to MomTrends for the invitation!  And to the many lovely sponsors of the event!

There was no requirement of me to post about this event, I received some great swag while attending, learned great holiday entertaining tips and mingled with both brands and peers.  Truly enjoyed this event!


  1. Love your inspiration board. I also adored the all-white table from the party bluprints ladies. So fun to have you at our event and hope to see you in January.

  2. your home looks lovely - Merry Christmas!

  3. Like it!! x Jess

  4. How fun! I hope to go to some fun bloggy events like this one soon! Hope you're doing good Miss Courtney! Xxo

  5. courtney.. i was just reading your post over at Singledou(b)t. so touching...i have felt the same, not with the same hurts, but with the same focus on the pain, waiting for God just to take it away, instead of letting him meet me in it and carry me through...i also felt like i was just putting my life on hold for that magical day when it would all disappear, but i have become slowly but increasingly aware of letting God walk with me through, and i believe eventually out of it... some days i wish it would move quicker, because it is still very real, but at the same time i am very aware of how far he was walked with me and how far i have come with him... love ya girl...

  6. Thanks Julie - sorry for my super delayed response. I took a several week break from things over the holidays to just focus on everything I have been going through and draw nearer to God - its been a great time in my life. Thank you for your sweet words and encouragement. XO


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