Saturday, June 30

Precious Baby Girl

by Patricia Capansky


    After many hours of waiting,
for this Husband and his Wife,
a baby girl named Zion,
was born into their life.

This precious baby girl,
a blessing from above,
for Courtney, and Jerry Earl
to have and hold and love.

And as they hold their Precious Girl
we surely can’t deny,
their love for her grows stronger
with each day that goes by.

But that’s what God intended,
he knew their hearts would shine,
so he sent this Little Angel
her love is so divine.

As weeks and months just fly,
sweet childhood won’t last,
each new day they smile and say,
“You’re growing up too fast.”

But the love keeps growing with her,
since she came into this world
to a couple that is truly blessed
with a Precious Baby Girl.

by Patricia Capansky


Isn't this poem beautiful!?

Martin Dejnicki, 
inspired to write poetry to his wife for their 10th anniversary, 
discovered his desire to bring joy to the lives of others through words,
and he is doing just that with his site, Anita Poems.

I was honored that he reached out to me 
to write a custom poem about our family.  

One of Anita Poems contributors, 
Patricia, wrote this beautiful poem for us.

 Thank you Martin & Patricia!

Friday, June 29

Chocolate Goodness Giveaway

Introducing Nestle Crunch Girl Scouts Candybars

Every year when Girl Scouts across America launch their fundraising with their deliciously satisfying boxes of cookies - I get excited.  I love their little colorful boxes of decadent cookie-goodness!  When I recently was invited to an event at Dylan's Candy Store - for the launch of the limited edition Nestle Crunch Girls Scouts Candy-bars - I was like - "WHOA! GIRL SCOUTS CANDY-BARS?" 
While I couldn't attend the event itself, I knew I had to get my hands on these limited edition treats!  Friends, let me just tell you, these little bars are MAGIC in your mouth.  They come in three different flavors - Thin Mint, Peanut Butter Creme, and my ultimate favorite - Caramel & Coconut (Samoas Anyone?!!!)

I got to thinking - why hasn't this been done before!?  And then I thought, Nestle Crunch + Girl Scouts = Genius idea.  Just in case your not sitting there on this Friday, salivating for a bite of one of these, let me just give you a closer look into each flavor:
The idea of working with the Girl Scouts brand and a licensing agreement just clicked on so many levels.  Crunch is a brand that has such a strong all-American heritage, from our red, white, and blue wrapper to the fact that it has been a sweet part of American households since the 1930s.  Of course, Girl Scouts is the quintessential all-American organization with an incredible mission, and a sweet history of being the largest girl-led business in the country with its Girl Scout Cookie sales.~Nestle Crunch
After tasting, and enjoying these I can honestly say they are incredibly yummy - the hubs and daughter couldn't agree more!  We received a box of the fun size bars on a Friday and all but 3 were gone by Monday!  

You can get your hands on Nestle Crunch Girl Scouts Candybars - for a LIMITED TIME - at major retailers this Summer.  But why wait until you happen upon them at the store…enter the giveaway below to WIN A BOX OF NESTLE CRUNCH GIRL SCOUTS CANDYBARS - delivered to your door!

Chocolate Lovers Giveaway

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Disclosure: I was given a free box of Nestle Crunch Girl Scouts Candybars to enjoy - and I did.
My honest opinion is the only one you will find here.

Thursday, June 28


Hello Lovelies - I wanted to take a minute to share with you my home away from this home:

In the world of baby blogging you see many sites driven by "voting".  At Awesome Baby Blogs we decided we were tired of all the competition in the world of blogging and decided to make a directory and community which is simple and voting free.
And guess what else?! We're REAL bloggers too! This isn't some company trying to make a buck off your blogs, we're real bloggers who really care about the parenting blog community! 
If you are a parent + a blogger than this directory is for YOU!  
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Meet the ABB Team:
Founding Editor - Kirby Desmarais 

Kirby is the author of Baby G! and KirbyAmour. A feisty little girl covered in many tattoos. Ex-groupie turned pro tea drinker. Music Industry Maven who started the company Everything Independent. She has a firery passion for everything baby blog related so she created Awesome Baby Blogs to feed the addiction

Editor-in-Chief - Courtney Baxtron
Courtney is a mysterious combination of dreamer and type-A personality.  She is the author of Baxtron{Life}, a lifestyle blog about her life as a wifey and mommy.  Originally from Seattle, she is currently adventuring in New York City, where she enjoys pretending to live in the suburbs, attempting to balance her passions with her responsibilities, all while hoping to keep her "crunchy-granola" roots intact.  

Contributing Editor - David Vienna
David is a screenwriter and failed rock ‘n’ roll front-man. He chronicles his experiences raising twin sons Wyatt and Boone at The Daddy Complex, a blog popular with both parents and porn seekers, though the latter group usually leaves disappointed. He started his professional career as a journalist, then spent a few years writing for reality television. That one really awesome episode of “House Hunters” — yeah, that was his. Currently, he serves as Editor-In-Chief for He loves E.L.O., ’70s horror films, Philly cheese steaks and napping.

Did you know…

Awesome Baby Blogs has a blog that is dedicated to featuring your best posts - we devote endless hours to reading our members content and love to feature brilliant posts - as well as share them on social media!  Have a post you think is great - tweet or email me the link!

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Tuesday, June 26

First Dance Songs

Wedding Slow Songs

Our First Dance
Bryan Adams & Barbara Streisand "I Finally Found Someone"

Jerry and I had a fantastic anniversary weekend!  
I can't wait to share the pictures here from the romantic surprise getaway he planned!
But first - this month - in honor of our anniversary, 
I asked my lovelies to share their "First Dance" songs.
I was actually really surprised by a couple answers!  
Check them out below!

Anywhere Is Nature Sounds

Spoonful of Sunshine I have and Always Will David Barnes

Texas Lovebirds

What was your first dance song?

Monday, June 25

Leather + Lace


"Pinning!" is a Weekly Pinterest Link-Up
(Share pins, meet others who love "Pinning", get inspired!)

First Time?  It's simple just follow these rules:
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Each week a winner will be chosen to flaunt the title of "Pinning-est" for successfully wowing us with the best Pinterest find.  The winner will be featured/announced in the following week's post!


Leather & Lace

via HMCreativeSupplies

via C

via Workin Deva
via Stacy Gustin
via J.
via Unknown
via OneDirection Outfits

I think my favorite one is the gray leather Jacket with the lace skirt.  Gorg!

THANK YOU to all who linked up last week!

This week's "Pinning-est" is:
Stephany from Ol'Mother Hyder
via ShopRareBird


Feel free to grab the button, and flaunt it!

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Sunday, June 24

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Thursday, June 21

The Way I Am

Creative Wedding Vows

To kick off our anniversary, thought I'd share one of the best parts of how we started out.

Wednesday, June 20

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