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Monday, January 7

9 Days of Healthy Giveaways


Day 1!

Welcome to Day 1 of 9 Days of Healthy Giveaways to kick off the New Year! We are so excited that you're here and cannot wait to share all these fun giveaways with you!! 
Up first is a gift set of wonderful salts! You may remember last Fall, we had a giveaway  on Big Apple Mami for Redmond Real Salt. Well this giveaway includes the real salt (which I love love love) plus some amazing season salt, onion salt, and garlic salt. I've tried each of these and have loved them all. They have the great flavor of Real Salt + onion, garlic or season salt added, without the junk and it's all organic! 
Did you know that your regular table salt or even sea salt can have additives and chemicals? Did you know that salt shouldn't be white? These are a few of the things I learned when I first discovered Real Salt and they are the things that have continued to keep me coming back to it...I haven't purchased another salt since discovering Real Salt and I'm pretty sure I never will. I'm a believer in this stuff and love that it has so many trace minerals that our body needs. Can you tell I love this stuff? :)
So, today, for day 1, two...that's right TWO lucky readers will win a wooden gift set of this wonderful salt! 
Happy Entering! Don't forget to check back tomorrow for another great giveaway! 
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  1. EW. I had no idea that "regular salt' can have sugar and other chemicals in it. Geeze. I'd like to try the Seasoning, Garlic and onion salt.s

  2. I have the set - and it is truly amazing! You really can taste the difference! :)

  3. I would love to try their Kosher Salt!

  4. I can't believe how different Real Salt is from the standard store bought salt in the stores - it tastes so much better!


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