Wednesday, January 30

Holiday VoxBox

The unveiling of my Influenster Holiday VoxBox!

First the good - Kiss Nail Dress, loved it!  NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine, a new favorite! Quaker Real Medley's - very yummy, great late night snack!

The just okay - Goody Quikstyle brush, upon first use of it, I really liked it, but noticed it has actually caused my hair more frizz than styling without it.  Sole Society, well, if shoes were in the box it would be one thing, but I still have to fork out $25 for this one.  I'm excited to try them though!

I think I'll pass - on the Eboost, I've tried two of the flavors already and both tasted so medicinal and chemical, I just couldn't wait to get the taste out of my mouth.

Are you an influenster?  I love getting these opportunities to review new products with them!  

Obviously, everything mentioned above is complimentary through Influenster's Holiday VoxBox.  All opinions above are my own.



  1. jinglebellstimeJanuary 31, 2013

    Yeah, I didn't care for the Eboost either :(

  2. I've had so many other great supplement drinks - it just blows my mind that they would even attempt to sell this. Don't they taste-test it first!?


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