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Wednesday, January 30

Life in Stills

L-R, Top to Bottom:  1. Mary Kay Makeovers with friends, 2. New Favorite Flavor, 3. Husband's Birthday, 4. Happy Reunions, 5. 3-Tiered Tea Time, 6. Bridal Shower, 7. Mani-time, 8. Coffee Tour Kick-Off, 9. Honey Butter Biscuits, 10. Flowers in the Winter, 11. Butterscotch Pudding, 12. Lasagna pizza at Patzeria Perfect Pizza.



  1. Devon RiesenbergJanuary 30, 2013

    Loving your new hair color! That pudding is calling my name...beautiful family :)

  2. Thanks lady! :) We've been enjoying our weekends together while the hubs works out-of-town during the week. :)


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