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Monday, January 28

Manicure Secret: Julep Maven

1. Colbie // 2. Lucy // 3. Rebel // 4. Donna

One last nail secret - and Mani Monday will officially be done! Every month I look forward to the amazing reveal of the month's Julep Maven collection.  Julep is based in Seattle (which means it has a special place in my heart to begin with).  At $19.99/box - you get more than you pay for every month - a minimum of 2 polishes + a product.  Polishes retail at $14 each, so just the two polishes put the box cost above value!  I also love that Julep Maven sends an email every month when the showroom is open - so you can opt-out or upgrade/add-on prior to being charged.  If there is one beauty box I would have a hard time giving up it would be Julep!  This month I can't wait to get my box which includes a holographic sand color and a olive green color plus two bonus products!

This post is NOT sponsored by Julep, I just love the products so much!  If you sign-up using my link above, I will receive reward credit to my account. 

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