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Thursday, January 31

Age-Fighting Products for your Hair!


Pantene Expert Collection GIVEAWAY

A couple of weeks ago I had the awesome privilege to attend a MomTrends beauty event, sponsored by Pantene!  This event was by far one of the most luxurious I've attended, starting with complimentary car service to and from the event!  As a busy mom in a busy city, I don't always have time to get pampered, and I have to say Nicole and the MomTrends team - fully understand this and always deliver an exceptionally great night out for us mamas!!
At this particular event, we learned about the signs of hair aging (guess what? It isn't just graying hair!) and how we can combat this through amazing new products in Pantene's Expert Collection.    Dr. Jeni Thomas, an expert in the field of hair aging, presented us with many stunning facts about hair thinning, dryness, breakage and even graying.  Did you know that as our hair ages it actually shrinks in diameter!?  Yeah - that got me worried considering I already have extra fine hair to begin with!
There was also plenty of time at the event for networking with other bloggers.  I got to visit with one of my favorite local ladies, Courtney of the Chirping Moms as well as meet some new friends too.  Also at  the event were the ladies of Echo Design Group, showcasing a colorful and beautiful collection of scarves - with tips on how to wear them.  The night was far from over though, after the presentation, we received complimentary hair makeovers with styling tips - we had a choice of beachy waves, loose bun or side ponytail.
I couldn't wait to see my hair with some beachy waves and learn how to perfect them.  I had no idea at the time, but my stylist was Wesley O'Meara, a celebrity hair stylist who's regular clientele include Sarah Jessica Parker, Chloe Sevigny and Uma Thurman!  I was floored to learn this fact, and felt honored that he was so freaking awesome at making me look beautiful and feel confident that I could achieve the same look at home.  
Pantene's new Expert Collection is truly amazing!  In order to find out what products were best suited for my hair, I took this fun little beauty quiz.  It told me my "Hair Age" which was, thankfully, only a year older than my real age.   The quiz suggested I use the Age Defy products, which I have been faithfully using for the past few weeks!  I have to say, I am truly impressed by the Age Defy Advanced Thickening Treatment, I saw results with the first use!!  According to Dr. Thomas, each time I use it, it is like I am gaining 6500 strands of hair - and I can tell.  My extra fine hair gets so much more lift and volume every time I use it.

The other big hit for me is the Keratin Repair.   I'm sure if you are big on caring for your mane you've heard the word Keratin before - and this collection, which includes the Split End Fuser, is fantastic at restoring smoothness and protecting your hair from further damage.  Every time you use this line it is like repairing two years of damage in just two minutes!!

How would you like to try the awesome new Pantene Expert Collection??  THREE lucky readers will have that opportunity, as I am giving away 3 Pantene Expert Collection Ageless Beauty Kits!  This kit is valued at $75 and includes the Age Defy Shampoo & Conditioner, Advanced Thickening Treatment, plus as a bonus, Olay Pro-X Deep Wrinkle Treatment!  Enter below!
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  1. That conditioner is the best weapon against damage on my hair. My hair is awful right now! I could use a couple inches chopped off-- but the anxiety kills me! I hate that I've become "that girl" that's so attached to their hair! So silly!

  2. I here you! These products are really amazing. I'm a bit skeptical about treatments that make big promises, but I can honestly tell you this stuff works. Good luck on the giveaway, thanks for entering! XO

  3. I never really thought of hair aging. And that it could change the texture of it. So that was new to me!

  4. I learned that you can repair two years of damage in two minutes.

  5. I learned that pantene has a personal consultation part on their website


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