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Friday, January 25

Say Cheese!


with Mightee Kids

There is something lovely about getting packages in the mail.  I call them little surprises.  Every month I look forward to my monthly beauty subscriptions - which send me goodies that I just love.  I've seen so many great boxes come through, but I've never seen anything as lovely as what I am about to share.

When I get my monthly packages - Zion is always excited to see what I get.  This month, Zion got a package of her own, from Mightee Kids.  This organization has created one of the best boxes ever - because it has immeasurable value.  Each box contains a children's t-shirt featuring a very special cause of the month.

 This month's charity is Smile Train, an organization dedicated to providing life-saving Cleft-lip/palate surgeries to children in need.  For every tee that is purchased $5 is donated to the charity.  Inside the each Mightee Kids box is a special notecard that explains the cause of the month as well as talking points to discuss with your kids.

The tee is super cool, and I feel good about it knowing that it stands for a great cause.  Zion is excited because not only is she helping other children, she gets her own very special package in the mail to look forward to!

Check out Mightee Kids to view the details - you can purchase a single tee or subscribe for a monthly box.  Oh, and for the rest of the month - they are doubling their contributions to Smile Train - so $10 of every purchase will go directly to the Smile Train!

Connect with Mightee Kids via: Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest!

I received this month's Mightee Kids box complimentary to review - however; I plan on signing up right away because I love the concept so much.  All praises expressed above are sincere! 

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