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Thursday, January 31

Watch Worms Eat Garbage


Family-Friendly Earth Day 2013 Events Page

What day is Earth Day? Do you even know what month it's in? The answer is April 22nd and it has been for 43 years. The modern environmental movement began in 1970 by activists encouraging others to gain consciousness of air and water pollution. After watching the outcome of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, the U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, gathered up Pete McCloskey (a Republican Congressman), Denis Hayes (current head of Bullitt Foundation) and 85 staff members across America to promote the first Earth Day events, Earthday (.org) reported.

Since then, awareness has spread, and this year more than one billion people from cultures across the globe are taking part in Earth Day. Let's face it, with the changes in the environment, a shrinking wildlife and dirty air pollution, every individual needs to get involved and do their part to reduce carbon footprint. Each little step helps.

So how do we emphasize to our kids the gravity of the situation? Take them on an Earth Day adventure by traveling to one of these Earth Day-friendly destinations (or get ideas for your own in town jaunt).

Los Angeles, CA

Parks across the city typically host a family day that includes storytelling, crafts and museum tours with hikes and ranger-led excursions on the natural trails on the 22nd. Also, look to the zoos in your area for events educating children on animals and how environmental protection helps them now, and how it can effect the future. In 2012, families turned to the LA County Art Museum where there was fun-filled educational events including nature sketching and films promoting bicycle riding, along with guided trail tours and other artist-led workshops, according to Calrecycle (

Because the weather is so lovely in April, in most areas across the country, it's the perfect time to get out in nature and take your kids on a picnic, go camping and have a BBQ. Show them the root of this green earth and what they're fighting to protect.

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland has events year-round that celebrate sustainability and honoring the Earth. The city created their own Earth Day Coalition that does some valuable advocacy toward living in a healthy, greener environment. If you're interested in living a sustainable life every day, there are apartments for rent in Cleveland, along with volunteer opportunities that can enrich you and your family's living.

Want to get your artistic child involved? There's an art, poetry and essay contest that's open to students K-12. They're asked to express their emotions on "local, and sustainable food" through their own creations, whether it be photographs, essays, paintings, drawings, poetry or prose.

The winning entries are displayed at the Earth Day events. Earth Day Coalition's site allows you to view the creations from previous years.

Nashville, TN

The capital of Tennessee the home of country music Nashville always has some sort of celebration happening. It's a happy city and what better day to travel there than in celebration of our beautiful Earth. With the Blue Ridge Mountains bordering its state, the beauty is immaculate and the visual education opportunities are invaluable.

Nashville has hopes to be the greenest city in the Southeast, according to Nashville Earth Day (.org). Run, don't walk, okay, maybe skip to Centennial Park on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 for live music on not only a main stage, but a youth stage. If this year is anything like last look forward to reading circles, recycling games, a worm eating garbage display, building blocks, a camping experience, collaborative recycled art projects, tree planting and play time.

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Lisa Sampson
Lisa is a stay-at-home mom who writes for several family blogs (and she sells kitchen gadgets!).


  1. Devon RiesenbergJanuary 31, 2013

    Thanks for reminding me about Earth Day! I'll have to look into local celebrations down here, as Jack is old enough to participate :)

  2. I can't wait to do some fun Earth day related activities with Zion! I'll be in Alaska this year for Earth day so I'm going to have to see what will be happening around that time. :)


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