Monday, February 4

Mani Monday


JulepMaven February Box

My Julep Maven box for February arrived late last week, and I'm floored at all the great items within it. I may even go as far as to say this was the best regular box ever!!  My box came with two polishes - I chose to change styles this month to "Bombshell" profile because my usual "Classic with a Twist" wasn't really exciting me - and I couldn't be happier!  I also received a nail treatment and a topcoat, plus a bonus eyelash curler!  I mean, seriously - talk about going above and beyond!!
The picture above features the oxygen nail treatment which is like "makeup for your nails."  It helps to strengthen, smooth and condition nails when used 1-2 times per week.  It is the perfect creamy sheer pale pink - I am absolutely in love with it.
My first official mani using color from this box features Ginger - a holographic pink/grey color that is gorgeous - probably my new favorite color in my collection.  It is shown above on my tips over Kelly - a pale creamy pink from a previous box.  Also showcased above is the most amazing topcoat I've ever used - the Freedom Polymer Topcoat!!  Three minutes after applying my polish is completely dry-set and read to go - fully chip resistant and looks like I had my nails done professionally!
The last color - which I have yet to try is this creamy olive green - such a different and unique color that I can't wait to play around with!  

I can't believe the value of the box I received and how fantastic Julep Maven is - they have seriously mastered the subscription box service - they are like the Ritz Carlton of beauty boxes!!  What do you think of this box!?

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  1. I love the grey color on the tips :) Might have to get me some of that nail treatment too...

  2. love it! I am tempted to get the Cupid's Mystery Box from Julep :-)

  3. I have never purchased a mystery box but many people say they are awesome! Some people look forward to that more than anything else! :)


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