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Thursday, February 14

I Love Burgers!

I'm seriously obsessed with burgers lately! If you don't believe me - just visit my dedicated Pinterest board.  ;)  I am not just a meat and cheese with bun girl either - I like a burger with a little flare.  For instance, my deconstructed burger above is a classic for me: half an avocado sliced, some greens and a nice raw cheddar.
I also like to venture on the wild side - how about chips on it?  Sauteed mushrooms and onions!? Yummo.  More recently I tried this homestyle chunky bleu cheese dressing with butter lettuce leaves - ahhh-mazing!  I'm seriously craving another one as I write this.
The question does one indulge in such mouth-delighting flavors without completely disregarding their red-meat intake?  Well - easy, actually - veggie burgers!!  
Who knew a meatless burger could taste so satisfying? I sure didn't.  I didn't even miss the meat!  And with up to 74% less fat than beef burgers - my waistline is surely thanking me!
Meatless Monday never tasted better!

What are your favorite burger toppings?  Do you do Meatless Mondays??
I received a coupon for free MorningStar Farms product to try as a part of a BzzAgent campain.  This post presents my honest review.  


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