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Tuesday, March 19

4 TV Weddings That Melted Our Hearts

"We" love weddings. I put "we" in quotations because the collective group in America alone consists of millions. According to, the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton drew 23 million Americans to watch in 2011. Even the much-less-royal union between Kim Kardashian and now ex-husband Kris Humphries had 4.2 million viewers for the four-hour special.

We love weddings almost as much as we love sports, and that's why TV sitcoms and dramas will dedicate entire episodes to them. Some of the most memorable moments in television consisted of our favorite characters tying the knot, often with some incredible bumps in the road along the way.

Jim and Pam (The Office)

Since their awkward crush from across the office floor, we've been rooting for Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley. If you want to talk about a bumpy road, this was it. Fianc├Ęs, girlfriends and distance all stood between Jim and Pam at one point or another, but the couple went from gas station parking lot proposal to Niagra Falls wedding ceremony. The famous wedding scene was borrowed from a viral video and featured the song "Forever," making it the only time a Chris Brown song could ever make us smile.

Ross and Emily (Friends)

Possibly one of the best wedding gaffes in TV history, Ross's Freudian slip during this episode of "Friends" left us with our jaws on the ground. When exchanging vows, Ross was supposed to say "Take thee, Emily" but instead replaced his future wife's name with ex-girlfriend "Rachel" (Jennifer Anniston). It was one of the more creative ways to ruin a wedding on TV and gave us one of the best moments in the show's long run.

Leslie and Ben (Parks and Recreation)

Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt might be the cutest couple on TV right now. The latest two episodes of "Parks and Recreation" featured the impromptu wedding between Leslie and Ben during a fundraiser event. The initial ceremony was spoiled by a stink bomb from a salty co-worker but was turned around by a private ceremony back where it all started—the parks department office. "Parks and Rec" teaches us that the most important people in our lives are the family and friends closest to us.

Andy and April (Parks and Recreation)

Speaking of "Parks and Rec," the lovable and quirky duo, Andy and April, made their love official a few seasons before Ben and Leslie. This matrimony took place in the couple's own living room since they didn't have money for a formal ceremony, and like Ben and Leslie, was limited to close family and friends. Andy and April are such a fun couple to watch because they share each other's sarcastic (and sometimes cynical) humor that the rest of the department often doesn't get.

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Kelly Donnelly
Kelly is a reality TV fan who sometimes enjoys a good miniseries. She keeps up with all the celebrity gossip and writes her own celeb news column on entertainment blogs.


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