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Wednesday, March 20

Alaska Tour: Drive to Girdwood

Our last couple of weeks in Alaska have been more focused on just enjoying each other's company and attempting to get back to a healthy way of eating.  We started eliminating gluten from our diets last year and cutting way back on dairy.  Our aim is to be at least 90% paleo by the end of this year.  And well, to just feel better, healthier and stronger from the food we eat.  For me, I also need to lose the holiday pounds I put on, which is more than I want to (or am ready to) admit!  

We had some snow about a week ago which was fun.  And today on this first day of Spring the weather has been in the teens...not exactly what I would call "Spring" weather - but perhaps it is for native Alaskans.  I got a little adventurous with my eating for one of our brunches...ordered the Reindeer omelet.  It was actually quite yummy!!
Prior to our travel up here to Anchorage I was scouring the internet for parent groups so I could get playdates going for Zion.  We ventured out on a very brisk windy day to a park with one of the Meetup groups I joined.  Zion had a great time shoveling snow around and riding on the bouncy seesaw with me.  I met a few moms, though I tend to be shy during first encounters - but hey I still made it out there in the frigid cold.
I've been cooking for the family a lot - we are currently following the Practical Paleo 30 Day Digestive Health meal plan.  We've also been catching up on movies and recently invested in this new Monopoly Zapped game that uses an iPad app to go along with it.  Probably one of the coolest inventions ever - hubs loves it, though we get in some pretty wicked competitions with it.

This last weekend we took a drive, at my request, down to Girdwood, the location of the Alyeska ski resort, just 45 minutes Southeast of Anchorage.  The drive was amazing, I couldn't wait to post the pictures here.  We stopped at Beluga Point - apparently a place that we can visit in the future for possible whale sitings!  And then we made our way to the ski resort before turning around.  We plan on heading back there for a more extended visit, but this was sort of a spontaneous adventure.  
Zion may have missed part of the glorious mountains on the way back, but we hope that she may recall some bit of the beauty of Alaska in the future.  We were definitely spoiled with the breathtaking views!  

I plan on starting up a coffee tour here in Alaska over the next couple of weeks.  I have two places currently on the list to review: Kaladi Brothers and SteamDot, still researching more.  This close to Seattle, there has to be more to add to the list!!  Speaking of coffee, make sure you get your entries in for the Starbucks Verismo System that is being given away, you have until 3/28 to enter!

What adventures have you been having?  How was your weekend?



  1. That chicken looks absolutely delicious! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Alaska!

  2. It was delicious! I've become very comfortable roasting whole chickens! Alaska is incredible! How are you? How is life in the city!? Is Spring there yet?

  3. I've had a cold this week, so that's been sort of a bummer, but I seem to be on the up and up with that. It's still cold. It snowed part of the day today (though, I didn't look outside all day, so I missed it). I hope it warms up soon!


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