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Thursday, March 28

DIY Makeup Organization Upcycle

I've been meaning to share this simple makeup organization upcycle for a while, but I was hoping I could locate a final image of what it looks like with my actual makeup organized in it...unfortunately I can't find the image, and since I am here in Alaska, there is a bit of a challenge to sharing the final "organized look".  I will update this post again once I have it...but still, I think you can get the point from the images.  Steps are super simple.

I tend to collect the various storage cans that hot cocoa, coffee and drink mixes come in to use for other purposes, usually not knowing what they will be used for at the time of saving.  Sometimes they end up as crafts for Zion and I to do.  Other times I may give them to a friend, like Kim, who created an awesome yarn wall organizer for her apartment.  I do feel good about the fact that I am reusing them and giving them a new purpose.

I initially thought I'd find some great contact paper to use, something with a great pattern, but it seems contact paper is not to be found in the variety I was hoping for.  So instead, I stumbled upon some great printed duct tape sheets.  Ahhh duct tape to the rescue!  Seriously a man's- and, now in leopard print, definitely a woman's- best friend!

I feel like this project is self-explanatory from the images, but just in case:

1. Save a few drink containers, recycle the lids, make sure you wash them out/dry them out.
2. Pick up a few sheets of patterned duct tape.
3. Measure the duct tape with the width of the container, you may have to patch more duct tape to the side if it isn't long enough to wrap entirely around the container, just make that the "backside."
4. Carefully apply the edge of the cut duct tape sheet to the container, removing backing and smoothing out the duct tape as you apply it around the container.
5. Apply any additional patch pieces to cover up areas that were not covered when wrapped, then repeat the steps for as many containers as you want to make.

Variation: You can also by the rolls of patterned duct tape and wrap around the containers, they simply didn't have a printed pattern at the store I went to that I wanted to use, so I went with the flat sheet instead.

What have you upcycled lately?  Want even more makeup organization ideas?


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  1. Kayla FowlerJune 16, 2013

    Looks great, would love to see a photo of it with your makeup in it.


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