Friday, March 22

Silent Saturdays

Randomly, I started committing to taking a day off from social media, phone-hugging and blogging once a week.  I think it was when I started thinking about the time I was spending attached to some form of technology - and how the weekend was really my time to refresh, connect with my husband and daughter and spend some quality time with God.

Life is busy in the week, and there is often a tv on or an app being utilized to help achieve some goal - but all that stimulation and wiredness comes with a price.  I can always tell when I'm feeling like relationships are suffering.  Especially my relationship with the "Big Dadda."  So, I've committed personally to a silent Saturday.  Its time to unplug, and connect device-free.  

I pretty much leave my phone as far away from me as possible, don't check emails, no instagram or other social media, no blog stats, and no Bingo Bash (hehe) or other timegobbling app.  Just time to quiet my heart, listen to my Lord and my family, be present, and alive.

I'm loving it - I look forward to 5pm on Friday evenings (the time I start), so I can say, "No" to my own demands for working.  Want to join me?  Let me know by telling your world that you are going #SilentSaturday.  Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday! <3 (or maybe Sunday...hehe).



  1. I love the idea of this. Though, in my world picking a specific day to do this doesn't really work for me because my partner doesn't work on a Monday - Friday schedule. I've been trying to be better about putting the devices down on our days together and spending some quality time.

  2. I should try this!


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