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Wednesday, March 20

The Bible Experience Exhibit:
New York City

Starting today, New Yorkers will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the Bible like never before!  Executive Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey along with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment have announced, "The Bible Experience" - an exquisite gallery featuring rare biblical artifacts and an array of breathtaking photography from the series production of The Bible, in celebration of the epic miniseries.  

Previously at the Vatican, these one-of-a-kind rare artifacts will be on display exclusively for the first time ever, for just one week, in New York, March 20-27, 2013.
Mark Burnett & Roma Downey at Opening Night Gala
Photo by Mark Von Holden / Copyright Invision for Fox Home Entertainment
Guests will also take a unique and emotionally charged journey as they experience the imagery and striking beauty of photographs from the set of THE BIBLE and the greatest stories ever told. “The works of photographers Joe Albas and Casey Crafford are extraordinary,” said executive producer Roma Downey. “Their images are powerful and need no words to convey emotion. You can't help but be touched by the poignant expressions of these iconic figures. Mark and I are honored to take you on this visual journey with us, so that you might experience the wonder we felt in Morocco as our dream of making The Bible series came to life.”

Making their New York debut, a few notable rare relics including:
  • Dead Sea Scroll Fragments: Daniel 10:18-20, and Jeremiah 23:6-9:  Three pieces will be on display in this exhibit, containing portions from the book of Daniel, Jonah, and Jeremiah
  • Medieval Torah Scroll, 14th century: One of oldest surviving Torah Scrolls in the world
  • Codex Climaci Rescriptus: Between the late 4th and early 9th centuries AD, it represents one of the earliest near complete Bibles in the world. With two layers of text some of which are written in Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ
  • Bodmer Papyrus: From the 3rd century AD, these leaves are from one of the oldest near-complete books of Psalms in Greek
  • Gutenberg Leaf: Isaiah 44-5, Mainz, Germany, 1454: The first book printed in moveable typeset in the Western world
  • Aitken Bible: First English language Bible printed in the United States and the ONLY Bible ever officially authorized by the Congress 
  • Eliot Indian Bible:  First Bible Printed in America. It was translated into Algonquin to help convert the Native Americans
  • King James "She" Bible, London, England, 1613:  Commissioned by King James the 1st of England and the 6th of Scotland.  It took a committee of 47 scholars seven years to finish the project. It is significant in that it contained a printing error in the Book of Ruth
  • Pocket Bible, Italy, c. 1240-1250:  Produced in Italy between 1240 and 1250, it contains all of the books of the Bible in a single volume
  • Rice Psalter, London, England, c. 1450:  This book of Psalms, is an exquisite example of English Gothic manuscript illumination
  • Complutensian Polyglot, Vol. 1, Alcalá de Henares, Spain, 1514-1517:  The first printed polyglot of the entire Bible; it simultaneously displays the text of the Bible in as many as four different languages: Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and Latin
  • Cairo Geniza Manuscript Fragments, Cairo, Egypt, c. 1150 – c. 1250:  Dating from the twelfth to the thirteenth centuries, contains portions of prayer books from the Karaite Jewish tradition, including morning prayers, prayers for the Holiday of Booths, and prayers of the New Moon
Actress Kristin Chenoweth at Opening Night Gala
Photo by Mark Von Holden / Copyright Invision for Fox Home Entertainment
"The Bible Experience" is located at 450 West 14th Street between Washington and 10th Avenue and will run 10:00AM to 6:00PM daily from March 20, 2013 to March 27, 2013.  Admission is free.

Epic mini-series, THE BIBLE, premieres every Sunday on HISTORY® over the next two Sundays (3/24, 3/31) culminating on Easter. From Genesis to Revelation, the series illuminates the Bible, re-telling the stories as they unfold and revealing new insights into these iconic characters in context of the Bible.  

The series will feature some of the most famous stories ever written from Noah’s Ark and the Exodus to Daniel in the Lion’s Den to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. To date, over 50 million cumulative viewers have seen at least a portion of the series since it began on March 3* (includes 9 telecasts across History and Lifetime).

If you missed any of this series you can pre-order the The Bible: The Epic Miniseries on DVD or Blu-Ray which is being rush-released on April 2!!

If you get a chance to visit I'd love to hear about it!! I'm bummed I'm out of NYC right now and missing out on this incredible opportunity!



  1. Andrea McCaveMarch 20, 2013

    HOW COOL! Man I wish they would do something like this on the West Coast. I have been watching The Bible Miniseries...althought Uverse is behind on the episodes. :( I am def going to get a copy for myself when it is out.
    Andee @ Shabby Kitteh

  2. HarlemLoveBirdsMarch 20, 2013

    TFS! I had no idea this was running and am going to try to stop by before it ends.

  3. Can't wait to hear how it is - let me know! I'm so bummed to be missing it!!


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